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Handmade World Globes from Germany

We are the exclusive importer of the German made Columbus globes in America. These stunning models are world famous for their hand crafted construction and impeccable design. Columbus has been hand making globes for over 100 years, and the company is still owned by the original Oestergaard family, which founded the company over a century ago. All Columbus world globes are manufactured in Germany and many of them are hand-crafted by trained artisans. They remain the only company on earth that still uses traditional glassblowing techniques to make exquisite glass globes. The meticulous attention to detail and forward thinking design means that these artistic world globes are built to last a lifetime to come. When you buy Columbus globes, you are buying quality.

The Columbus brand is the absolute top of the line in the globe industry. These beauties strike a remarkable balance between traditional artisan manufacturing and innovative engineering. Columbus, for example, was the first to invent maps that transform with light, and remain at the cutting edge of the industry to this day. As wholesale distributors of Columbus, we offer the finest world globes in the manufacturer’s line at unbeatable prices. Enjoy free shipping on all orders inside the continental United States. From our Mini globes all the way up to our Magnum globes, we offer a diverse range of items and price points to suit your specific needs. If for some reason you cannot find the world globe that you are looking for, or have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our expert staff. Otherwise, enjoy exploring our vast collection of breathtaking German-engineered Columbus globes!


  • A More Extended History of the Globe

    Globes in the 16th Century In our last blog post, we outlined a general history of the globe, from before people knew that the world was round to the present day. However, globe making itself was a preoccupation that really hit its stride in the 16th century. The Americas were still a very recent discovery at the beginning of the century, and much of world remained undiscovered and mysterious. The first globe that still exists from this era is the previously mentioned Erdapfel model from 1492. However, the Hunt-Lenox Globe, from 1510 (pictured left), is thought to be the second oldest remaining globe to contain the recently discovered New World. The globe is also one of the few historical maps to feature the phrase "HC SVNT DRACONES," which is Latin for "Here are dragons." Recently, a globe made from an ostrich egg and dating from around 1504 may be an even older globe than Hunt-Lenox, which also contains the New World. Other notable globes from the century include one by the famous cartographer Gerard Mercator from 1541, which features rhumb lines, enabling them to have a navigational appeal. However, it was also common around this time for globes to be given as gifts among world leaders, symbolizing power.   Continue reading →
  • A Brief History of the Globe

    The World Is Not Flat While everybody now knows that the world is a sphere, it is a relatively recent idea in the history of humanity, along with being a great and hard fought victory for reason. For tens of thousands of years, people generally thought that the earth was flat, having observed the apparent horizontal nature of the ground that they stood on. Still, some inconvenient truths appeared to be incongruous with the flat earth theory. For example, why did the sun rise in the east and set in the west day after day? Why do the stars appear to move in a circular direction around the night sky? Continue reading →