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Three Irresistible Holiday Globes on Sale!

A Very Merry Holiday Deal

rockwellThe holidays bring cold weather, long travel days, family dinners and gifts. It can be stressful trying to find the perfect present for your loved ones and friends, but here at Columbus Globes we are trying to make the process just a little bit easier for you. For the month of December only, all of the our globes are available at a 10% discounted price when you use the HOLIDAY2014 coupon code at check out! Enjoy the free shipping that our customers are offered year round, and find the ideal present for that special person in your life. While all of our handcrafted, illuminated desktop and floor globes are on sale this month, we wanted to emphasize three models in particular that we think would make excellent gifts. Globes make good presents because they are more or less universally appreciated, along with adding both educational and decorative appeal to any room they are showcased in. Happy shopping and please be sure to enjoy our 10% holiday sale this year, and pick out an amazing globe for somebody. Feel free to contact us here if we can be of any assistance in helping you select the right model, or if you have any questions at all.


Columbus Jena 13 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe

columbus-jena-illuminated-globe-483458The Columbus Jena 13 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe brings the German manufacturer's superb cartography and modern technology to a tabletop model. The attractive base base boldly presents the desktop globe's considerable geographic merit with a silver-hued meridian. The Jena has a DUORAMA map. When the globe is not illuminated, an attractive relief map is featured. The organic colors of the planet's landforms include greens, yellows and browns, set against the blue ocean backdrop. Flip on the illuminated globe's light and watch as the world globe takes on the additional colors and nation boundaries of a political map. Then, as the colors of the illuminated globe cascade into the room, inspect the model's abundant place names and political cartography. Bring the beauty of the manufacturer's exquisite globe-making philosophy to a tabletop in the home, office or classroom with the Columbus Jena 13 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe. It has a simple yet handsome style, ensuring that this Columbus globe will inspire a passion for the world in both the young and old alike!



Columbus Student Marco Polo 12 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe

cgs_423052_studentThe Columbus Student Marco Polo 12 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe overflows with engrossing geography! The globe displays a vertical meridian which has latitudinal degree calibrations, but also features a horizontal meridian that surrounds the globe and has a notch for each of the day's 24 hours. It can be used to tell what time of day it is in anywhere in the world. The desktop model's illumination only spans half of the globe at a time, illustrating night time and day. At the bottom of the base there is a dial that has a notch for every day of the year. By turning the dial, the globe replicates the earth's yearly orbit around the sun. A bright lit spot on the world globe represents the sun, and as the dial turns, the spot alternates from the Topic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn meridian. Pick up the Student Marco Polo to experience its cartographic and astronomic appeal. The Columbus Student Marco Polo 12 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe has a detailed political map that contains shading to illustrate the planet's physical attributes, adding to its geographical merit. The Marco Polo is the most information rich globe around, making it an essential educational tool and gift.



Columbus Osnabruck 20 Inch Illuminated Floor Globe

osnabruck-politicalThe Columbus Osnabruck 20 Inch Illuminated Floor Globe is a modern masterpiece. This one of a kind world globe leaves a striking impression with its attractive, wishbone shaped walnut stand. The rich brown hue of the base has a classic bent, but its clear lines and stylish curves give the Osnabruck a contemporary flavor. The world globe features Columbus' DUO map. With two maps in one, the world's political divisions are apparent when the floor globe is not illuminated. Switch on the globe's light and watch as the vivid colors fill the room with brilliant illumination. Also, the pastel colors of the political map take on more naturalistic colors when the model is aglow, the ocean floor and the peaks of the world's mountains become apparent on the sphere's surface. This handcrafted work of art was constructed by Columbus' trained artisans. The 20 inch glass globe was hand blown by craftspeople. A treasure in the German manufacturer's line, the Columbus Osnabruck 20 Inch Illuminated Floor Globe is a singular beauty. Simultaneously modern and timeless, its appealing color scheme and striking design makes it a must-have for the discerning customer and a most impressive gift. Get this epic model while it is on sale!

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