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159The holiday sale is upon us! Enjoy 10% off of any product on the Columbus Globes website by using the coupon code HOLIDAY2014 at check out. In addition to the sale, every order includes free shipping in the continental United States. Being the official distributor of Columbus Globes in America, we stock all of the models in our warehouse, meaning that we oversee the shipping process ourselves which helps ensure quality and quick delivery. Every product that goes out is hand inspected by our experts before getting sent. Experience the beauty of German engineering and craftsmanship with Columbus Globes. These globes are handcrafted by skilled artisans and match exemplary cartography with cutting edge design. The models look amazing in the home or office, and make excellent gifts to be family and friends. Columbus specializing in luxury world globes, with extraordinary decorative value, but there are also models that are more affordable and have considerable geographic and educational value, making them appealing to a younger person and budding student. However, with the Christmas sale now upon us, the higher end models have never been so accessible!



Columbus Hamburg 16 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe

hamburgThe Columbus Hamburg 16 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe thrills with its graceful design. The sophisticated style of the stainless steel base is a tasteful complement to the blue ocean globe. The Hamburg features two maps in one with the DUORAMA technology. A vibrant physical map graces the world globe's surface when it is not illuminated. The planet's natural colors exude greens, yellows and blues from the world's oceans and continents. Flip on the model's light switch and watch as a political map emerges colorfully over the relief. The boundaries between nations and abundance of place names become apparent with light. The 16 inch Columbus globe was hand assembled. This handcrafted beauty shines with its artisanal qualities. The Columbus Hamburg 16 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe is a memorable tabletop model from the manufacturer's esteemed line. Whether intended for a desk, bookshelf or coffee table, this world globe is sure to delight wherever it's displayed in the home or office and is bound to be savored as an unforgettable holiday gift.



Columbus Kiel 16 Inch Illuminated Glass Desktop Globe

kielThe exquisite Columbus Kiel 16 Inch Illuminated Glass Desktop Globe stuns with its brilliant design and handcrafted beauty. The large sphere is made of glass that was hand-blown by Columbus' skilled artisans. A tubular half-meridian frames the blue ocean world globe on the brushed stainless steel base. The Kiel features Columbus' signature DUO map. When the desktop globe is not illuminated, the political map is displayed, however, with the flip of the light switch, the physical map comes alight. The meticulous German craftsmanship and design means that this desktop globe is a handmade work of art. Columbus is, to this day, the only manufacturer that still hand blows glass globes. That allows their world globe's geographic detail to burst forth in great illumination. Furthermore, the Kiel's DUO map was hand cut and applied piece by piece. The Columbus Kiel 16 Inch Illuminated Glass Desktop Globe is a memorable decorative accent to a desktop surface in the home or office. Give this gift to your wife, husband, parent or sibling to enjoy this world globe on a desk, bookshelf or coffee table for a lifetime to come!



Columbus Hannover Royal 16 Inch Illuminated Floor Globe

hannover royalThe Columbus Hannover Royal 16 Inch Illuminated Floor Globe contrasts its antiquely styled map with the contemporary flair of the metal stand. The tubular semi-meridian cradles the sphere and tops the tall floor stand. The alternating chrome and brushed steel base gives the nostalgic map a decidedly modern bent. The Hannover globe features Columbus' signature ROYAL map, which roots its design in a retro sensibility. The beige ocean color is reminiscent of parchment style maps and is enhanced by the multicolored mosaic of the landmasses. Despite the antique map style, the place names are all up to date and accurate with today's geography. As the floor globe becomes illuminated, the political map takes on physical attributes, which graces the sphere's surface with light. The glass globe was hand blown by the German manufacturer's skilled artisans. The manual manufacturing style ensures that every model receives the attention it deserves and lives up to Columbus' admired reputation. The blend of the nostalgic with the modern on the Columbus Hannover Royal 16 Inch Illuminated Floor Globe makes it an essential addition to the home or office decor. Yet another Columbus globe that deserves to be given as a special gift to somebody you hold dear.

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