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Last Chance to Take Advantage of the Holiday Sale

The Holidays Are Upon Us

hanukkah and christmasWith Hanukkah well underway and Christmas arriving in just a few days, it is your last chance to take advantage of our holiday sale, which offers our entire product line at a 10% discount. Simply input the coupon code HOLIDAY2014 at check out to redeem the offer. World globes of this caliber make great gifts at this time of year. Their brilliant lights fill up a room with joy and help embody the holiday spirit. Moreover, a globe is a timeless gift that will never go out of style. The geographic value of each model makes them educational treasures. In addition to its practical value, Columbus imparts each individual world globe with style, making these decorative models sure to be a special feature in any home or office decor. Globes are appreciated by people of all ages and persuasions. These elegant and informative world globes hold an appeal that is cross generational and not specific to any one demographic. In this way, you cannot go wrong with giving a world globe to a good friend or loved one this holiday season. Be sure to grab one now while this sale lasts and before the holidays are over!


Columbus Salzburg 13 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe

salzburgThe Columbus Salzburg 13 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe is an extraordinary example of the German manufacturer's fine design and quality manufacturing. The world globe sits atop a handsome Makassar wood base and brass colored stainless steel semi-meridian. The dark brown from the wood stand is an elegant accent to the narrow, flatly styled meridian, which features a time dial at the globe's apex. The Salzburg features Columbus' classic ROYAL map, which has a nostalgic style. The antique ocean hue contrasts with the earth-toned mosaic of the landmasses on the political map. When the desktop globe becomes illuminated, a physical map becomes apparent on the sphere's exterior, adding to its rich geographic value. The Columbus world globe is the product of expert craftsmanship. The acrylic globe is covered in Columbus' ROYAL map that was hand cut and applied to the sphere. Over 100 years of handcrafted globe manufacturing went into crafting the beautiful Columbus Salzburg 13 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe! This globe looks great in rooms decorated with in a more traditional or classic style.



Columbus Stuttgart 16 Inch Illuminated Glass Desktop Globe

stuttgartSavor the sophisticated style of the Columbus Stuttgart 16 Inch Illuminated Glass Desktop Globe. The sizable glass sphere is cradled by the brushed stainless steel base and half-meridian. The attractive stand is a tasteful complement to the elegant world globe. The Stuttgart is a prime example of Columbus' signature DUORAMA technology. When the model is not illuminated, a detailed physical map spans its surface. The naturalistic colors of the landmasses are offset by the deep blue ocean hue, which showcases the varied depths of the underwater floor. Flip on the desktop globe's illumination and the world's political divisions emerge on the map's landmasses. The large glass globe was hand blown by skilled craftspeople, enabling its warm illumination and clear cartography to be radiate from the model. Columbus remains the only company that still hand makes glass world globes of this size. Columbus Stuttgart 16 Inch Illuminated Glass Desktop Globe is a testament to the artistic craftsmanship that has come to define the century old German manufacturer. Get this stunning world globe while it is 10% off and give the gift of an enduring decorative beauty that will last for a lifetime to come!



Columbus Bremen Duo 16 Inch Illuminated Floor Globe

bremen duoThe tall Columbus Bremen Duo 16 Inch Illuminated Floor Globe exhibits a handsome, sophisticated style! The gorgeous glass sphere stands tall on the Wenge wood and steel pedestal base. The combination of wood and brushed stainless steel gives the floor globe an unmistakable flair. This charismatic model features Columbus' extraordinary DUO map. The blue ocean surface overflows with geographic information like shipping lanes and water current directions along with a latitude and longitude grid. The pale pastel colors of the continents are divided with political divisions place names. However, illuminate the globe and watch as a physical map emerges on the political one. The planet's tall mountains and deep ocean floor are depicted through three dimensional shading. The hand blown glass globe shines with brilliant illumination and clear cartography. Columbus' skilled craftspeople individually make each glass sphere, and manually apply the map to its exterior. The handcrafted nature of the Bremen makes it an exceptional floor globe that will last for a lifetime! This gorgeous model makes a stunning gift for a loved one or close friend and has never been so available with the holiday sale.

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