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New Year, New Globes

The Year End Wrap Up

Capture21This year was an exciting one for Columbus Globes. Our business in the United States continues to expand. In addition to Columbus' extraordinary line of illuminated desktop and floor globes, we received twelve stunning new models in 2014. From the three new low-priced floor globes including the Bonn, Prien and Potsdam, to the Bremen Duo Alba and two Cologne Floor Globes,to the desktop globes including the Jena, Passau and the Student Marco Polo, there is a large diversity of hot new models to choose from. While classic Columbus models like the Osnabruck or the Frankfurt are still as fresh looking as ever, these brand new world globes have been welcome additions to our selection. We wanted to put a microscope on two of our most popular recent models that arrived in during 2014.


Columbus Dresden 16 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe

Dresden-EditedThe Columbus Dresden 16 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe leaves a bold impression with its classic, "Old World" design! The light sphere rests on a stylish brass base. The elegant stand, with its minimal style and thin composition, carries the globe with an air of weightlessness. The Dresden showcases Columbus' brand new Imperial map. The antique style map features an abundance of antique cartographical flourishes like elaborate compass roses and cartouches, along with drawings of sailboats and mythic sea monsters. Still, despite the classic flourishes of the map, it contains completely up to date geography. The parchment-colored continents complement the blue ocean hue and can be further inspected by the quality brass and wood Magnifying Glass that comes with every model in its very own case! The model's sterling design is filled with place names and political country divisions, along with cartographical details like rivers and major lakes that carve apart the landmasses. Illuminate the sphere and watch as the world globe's light fills up the room with radiant hues and timeless cartography. The Columbus Dresden 16 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe is one of our more popular recent models, and captivates with its intoxicating combination fresh style and antique flavor. The detailed cartography is presented gorgeously in an irresistibly artistic fashion on the Dresden.



Columbus Munich Political 26 Inch Illuminated Floor Globe

aaaaaaThe Columbus Munich Political 26 Inch Illuminated Floor Globe is a marvel of contemporary design. The round stainless steel base supports an arm that protrudes at an angle and holds the world globe at its 23.5 degree tilt. The arm bisects the sphere and emerges at the top of the sphere. The unusual design lacks a meridian, making it a unique offering from the manufacturer. The political geography showcases the planet's political attributes when it is not illuminated. Thousands of place names are ornamented by additional cartographic flourishes. When the illuminated world globe's light bulb is flipped on, the model's warm colors fill up the room. With light, the earth's political divisions come alive on the floor globe, radiating outwards from this compelling model. If you prefer a physical map, there is also one available in this model. The map was hand cut and applied to the sphere by Columbus' craftspeople. From Columbus' manufacturing plant in Germany to your living room, these floor globes are built to last for years. The Columbus Munich Political 26 Inch Illuminated Floor Globe astonishes with its brilliant cartography and cutting edge design. Its slanted composition makes it the centerpiece of any room in the home or office.



2015 Brings Even More Models

mini-globeWith the imminent new year comes even more handcrafted globes! Our selection of affordable Columbus Globes that brings that highest quality craftsmanship of our most luxurious models to low-cost but durable products will increase in 2015. Along with fresh globes aimed for use in the classroom and in the home, there will be a line of Columbus mini globes that will be unveiled next year as well. We will be putting out a Columbus' globe made specifically for kids on the market, along with a selection of their extraordinary wall maps. 2015 is bound to be another exciting one for us here, and we hope we can share our enthusiasm for these beautiful fresh globes with you as well. Cheers to one more thrilling year of enjoying the world's most beautiful cartography and geography and we wish you a happy 2015 filled with a passion for our earth and a thirst for adventure!

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