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4 Innovative & Bold Map Styles

Relentless Innovation

historisch_04Ever since the company was formed in Germany over 100 years ago, Columbus has been on the forefront of innovation within the globe industry. As a leader in design and quality manufacturing, Columbus has been relentless in its desire to push the globe world into the future while maintaining its artisan manufacturing process. Around the middle of last century, Columbus invented the two-map DUO technology. By placing one map on the interior of the globe and another on its exterior, when the globe became illuminated, a different map is presented than when it the light is turned off. Using this principal, Columbus collection is now based on four different two-map styles. As the first company to come up with this brilliant and dynamic transforming design sensibility, the German manufacturer help keep up its reputation as the boldest globe maker in the industry.




heidelbergThe DUO style is the baseline for Columbus' design. With its sumptuous light blue ocean design, when these globes are not illuminated, a vibrant political map is exhibited. With its lighter pastel color scheme and soft hues, this political map retains its sophisticated and timeless design sensibility while also being  educational. However, illuminate this globe and watch as the world's physical attributes come alive on the map. The multicolored landmasses, which are divided by the planet's political divisions when not illuminated, take on the more naturalistic hues of the globe's vegetative cover when lit. Also, the various depths of the ocean become visible with light through variations on the blue color of the water, while the planet's rugged relief comes alive through shading.




hamburgThe DUORAMA map could be said to be the opposite of the DUO. With the light off, a physical relief map is exhibited. Without emphasizing the continent's political divisions, a striking and colorful physical map graces the world globe's surface when it is not illuminated. The planet's natural colors shine with the greens, yellows and blues from the earth's oceans and continents. Flip on the model's light switch and watch as a political map emerges colorfully on its surface. The boundaries between nations and abundance of place names become visible when lit, however, the geographical names can be clearly seen when the light is off as well. For those who have a love for the natural earth, this is the map style to go for.





viennaColumbus' ROYAL map uses the principles of the DUO design but presents it with an antique sensibility, trading the blue ocean style for a parchment-inspired beige. The soft yellow oceans call to mind the classic cartography of the map making of yesteryear. The earth tones from the landmasses on the political map thrill with their complementary and considered arrangement. Illuminate the world globe and watch as the political map gets supplemented by physical details. Suddenly, over the myriad of place names, shipping lanes and water currents, the topography of the earth becomes apparent with light. Still, despite its vintage composition, all of the place names and geography is entirely up to date and current.




krauchenwiesThe DUO ALBA is the newest map in the Columbus line. The modern style sets the pale pastel tones of the countries on the political map against a sleek whitish-grey ocean background. Over the waters on this map is a detailed satellite image of the underwater ridges and rugged topography of the oceans. Packed with up to date and accurate place names, shipping routes and water currents, the Duo Alba is a modern marvel. This globe truly comes alive when illuminated, though. Flip on this world globe's light switch and watch as its radiant colors burst forth, and a physical map becomes apparent over the floor globe's surface. Furthermore, the greyish-white ocean transforms into a sumptuous blue hue when the map is illuminated. The DUO ALBA is a truly an unforgettable addition to an already exemplary line.


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