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Enhance Your Home Decor With These Three Styles

Interior Design

columbus_floor_globes_slide3-2While our last blog post dealt with the differences in Columbus' maps, there are other factors to take into account when finding the perfect globe to fit the home decor of your home or office. There are many different design styles that a room can have, and with these three different stands of our floor globes, we wanted to shine the light on a couple different directions you can go in. With our most popular floor globes in the $1,000 range, there are three main styles of bases to consider to match the beauty of the hand-blown glass sphere. With each of the different stands though, one can still get any of the map options, including the DUO, DUORAMA, ROYAL and DUO ALBA.



bremen duo albaThe Bremen series of globes is one of the most versatile styles in the Columbus collection. With its stylish mix of wenge wood and brushed stainless steel, the globe can fit snugly into either traditional or modern decors. The wood has a slightly classic sensibility while the steel lends and dash of contemporary flavor. While all of the different kind of Columbus maps go well with this style base, the white ocean from the DUO ALBA model matches the icy grey of the metal on the base with flair and taste. This timeless model is a bold statement, while it can also fade into the background of the decor in a well thought out room. Whether intended for the home or the office, enjoy the unique characteristics of the Bremen models.




hannover duoramaThe cool, striking style of the Hannover base is definitely intended for those who appreciate a more cutting edge and modern sensibility. The starkness of the design recalls the Bauhaus, or other early design movements from the dawn of Modernism, while maintaining an understated presence. It's silver metallic combination is breathtaking. This style of globe would go perfectly well in a home that is designed more with a post-modern or mid-century modern flavor to it. While three of the four different maps that Columbus offers are available with the chrome and brushed stainless steel base, we thought that the sleek DUORAMA physical map especially brings out the unconventional flair of this beautiful base.




rosenheimThe Rosenheim world globe is a great example of Columbus' brass base style. With a combination of matte and glossy brass pedestal style base, this stand fits perfectly in a more traditional or classical home decor. Aimed for those who appreciate a more regal, fancy or classic sensibility rather than a contemporary look, this is the type of base to seek out. To match the timeless craft of the solid brass, we picked out Columbus' ROYAL antique map. Not only do the colors work well together, but the throwback composition of both the stand and the map harmonize to make an excellent traditional floor globe for your home.


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