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Experience Innovative Modern Style With these Two Globes


duo-alba-officeThe DUO ALBA is Columbus' newest map style. With its grey ocean design, it stands out with its thoroughly contemporary sensibility. The satellite view of the ocean's underwater relief is particularly bold on this model, and gives it an extraordinary visual texture. When the globe becomes illuminated through the flip of a switch, the grey ocean transitions suddenly into a luminous blue hue. As the newest entry in a stellar collection of cartography and design, the two DUO ALBA globes are eye candy and fit particularly well in a home or office decor with a decidedly contemporary slant. Be on the edge of Columbus' pioneering design spirit with either the desktop or floor model that features this striking style.


Columbus Krauchenwies 13 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe

duo_alba_02The Columbus Krauchenwies 13 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe is an irresistible offering from the German manufacturer! The 13 inch sphere reaches 17 inches tall atop the stainless steel base. A thin half-meridian frames the world globe itself, which features a time dial at its apex that corresponds with the latitude and longitude grid. The Krauchenwies was released by Columbus to celebrate their 100th year anniversary. The desktop globe features the German manufacturer's newest DUO ALBA map. After developing the uniquely styled political map, they chose this world globe to debut it. The desktop globe was named after the town in Germany that Columbus is located in, Krauchenwies. The soft, earth tones of the landmasses on the political map takes on three dimensional shading of the planet's physical attributes when the model comes alight. The acrylic world globe's map was hand cut by skilled artisans and manually applied to its surface. Savor the unique style of the Columbus Krauchenwies 13 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe! The breathtaking grey and silver color scheme of the distinctive map thrills with its modern design, and makes in essential addition to the contemporary decor in your home or office.



Columbus Bremen Duo Alba 16 Inch Illuminated Floor Globe

bremen duo albaThe handsome Columbus Bremen Duo Alba 16 Inch Illuminated Floor Globe leaves a bold impression with its startling contemporary design. A cylindrical semi-meridian carries the sphere at a 23.5 angle, like the tilt of the earth itself. The combination of the wood and stainless steel base is an attractive base for the world globe. The modern Duo Alba map sets the pale pastel tones of the countries on the political map against a sleek whitish-grey ocean background. Packed with place names, shipping routes and water currents, the Duo Alba is a modern marvel. Flip on this illuminated globe's light switch and watch as its radiant colors burst forth, and a physical map becomes apparent over the floor globe's surface. The 16 inch glass sphere was hand blown by Columbus' experienced craftspeople. The glass allows the illumination to radiate with increased clarity. After handcrafting the sphere, the trained artisans then manually cut and glued the map to the ball. Soak up the irresistible design of the Columbus Bremen Duo Alba 16 Inch Illuminated Floor Globe! Whether intended for the house or office, these artistic Columbus globes will become the centerpiece of any room's decor.

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