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Don't Miss this Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day is Coming Up

mama catMother's Day is May 10th. That means that it is less than a month away to find the perfect gift to remind your Mom how much you love her. How about a great Columbus globe for the occasion? Everybody loves globes, and in our book these handmade works of art are the perfect surprise for the person who loves you most in the world. We're going to help you find the perfect globe to get your Mom for the upcoming holiday, by highlighting some of our favorite globes in the Columbus collection that she would love. We wanted to start out with one of our most lavish options, for those who really want to give their Mother's something special this year. Worry not though, there are plenty of other gift ideas on the way for those who are on more of a budget. Still, nothing says "I love you, Mom" like a Swarovski-laden illuminated desktop globe!


Columbus Vienna Illuminated Desktop Globe with Swarovski

CGS-S224071-vienna-nonillThe Columbus Vienna 16-Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe with Swarovski impresses with its breathtaking design and dramatic size! The 16 inch sphere reaches 20 inches tall when sitting upon its high gloss brass colored base. The sphere is framed by the contemporary styled half-meridian. This Columbus model features Swarovski's luxurious Zirconia that are hand applied to the map, representing country capitals, along with the planet's largest cities. The sophisticated beauty of the stones radiates as the globe is illuminated. The golden-hued Zirconia shimmer and twinkle with light, lending the model a kinetic charm! The Vienna displays Columbus' timeless ROYAL map. The antique-ocean political map is enhanced by the multihued patchwork of the countries. Despite the vintage flavor, the world globe is packed with contemporary place names, shipping lanes, water currents and other cartographical details. The map turns from political to physical when illuminated. With the world globe's light on, the physical topography of the planet comes alive through detailed three dimensional shading. The Columbus Vienna 16 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe with Swarovski is a superb model that is bound to thrill your Mom with its classic style. This luxurious world globe will never go out of style.

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