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Get Your Child a Globe for Graduation

The School Year is Almost Up

graduation-2In just a few weeks, as May ends and June comes around, schools will be holding graduation ceremonies and students will be moving onto the next part of their lives, whether it is another school year, a new school completely or the dreaded "Real World." If you are in the market to get a relative a gift, consider a globe. For one, it's a novel present, one that not many people get, but still very appropriate for the occasion. Also, while it can be used to decorate a future dorm room or apartment that the graduate might be moving on to, it still continues to educational merit besides its obvious aesthetic ones.


Columbus Student Marco Polo Illuminated Desktop Globe

cgs_423052_studentThe Columbus Student Marco Polo 12 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe is overflowing with incredibly detailed geography. Besides the vertical meridian, which has latitudinal degree calibrations, a horizontal meridian surrounds the globe and features a notch for each of the day's 24 hours. It can be used to tell what time of day it is in anywhere in the world. The desktop model's illumination only spans half of the globe at a time, making the sunrise and sunset times visible across the world. At the bottom of the base there is a dial that has a notch for every day of the year. By twisting the dial, the globe replicates the earth's yearly orbit around the sun. The sun's relation to the earth, along with other astronomical information, can be read on the Marco Polo. When the globe is illuminated, the lit part of the sphere shows the areas of the planet experiencing daytime, and the dark patch represents night. In addition to its abundance of astronomical value, the Columbus Student Marco Polo 12 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe features a detailed political map, making it is the most information rich globe around and an indispensable gift.



Columbus Passau Illuminated Desktop Globe

passauThe Columbus Passau 13 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe brings the German manufacturer's impressive cartography to an educational tabletop model.. The attractive black matte wood base shows off the illuminated globe's vast geographical appeal. The Passau features Columbus' DUO map design, which is vacuum-formed to the acrylic sphere. When the desktop globe's light is off a political map is displayed. The country divisions on the continents are enhanced by the model's complementary color scheme of pastel shades. Contemporary place names are laid over the multihued patchwork of countries, which contrasts with the rich blue ocean hue. Flip on the illuminated globe's light and watch as the model subtly takes on the qualities of a physical map. The natural hues of the earth's landmasses and oceans, along with its relief, become apparent on the sphere's surface. Give the magic of the manufacturer's exceptional globe to your graduating loved one. With exceptional style, this Columbus Passau Illuminated Globe is destined to continue to sustain a love of geography for years to come.

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