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4 Things You Didn't Know Started in Boston

Public Parks

boston commonThat's right, Boston, being one of the oldest cities in America, is home to the oldest public park in the United States. This central public park is located in the heart of downtown. The Boston Common was built in 1634. Originally owned by William Blaxton, who was the first European settler of the city, it was eventually bought by the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The founders of the colony were Puritans who used the Common as cow pastures. The Common was used by the British as a camp during the American Revolutionary War, and the park was also used for public hangings until 1817. Around 1830 the Boston Common became an official park. Cows are no longer allowed there, or anywhere in Boston for that matter.



revere beachFounded in 1895, Revere Beach became the first public beach in America. Still popular to this day, on a hot afternoon one can expect to find over 250,000 on Revere, basking in the heat. From the beginning, the beach was popular amongst immigrants who recently arrived in the area and working class people. Along with the beach, they could enjoy fun houses, Ferris wheels, roller coasters and other amusements to augment their vacation experience. There were also two bowling alleys and roller skating rinks, along with a notorious racing roller coaster called the Derby Racer, which was responsible for many deaths and serious injuries. It was closed down after 25 years, thank god, but Revere Beach is still enjoyed to this day!




tremont subwayBoston clearly is responsible for many innovations of the modern city in the United States. Add another check onto the public service box, as the city in Massachusetts also had the country's very first subway. The Tremont Street Subway was built in 1897. As a result of heavy traffic, Boston built the subway tunnels to get the street cars out of the streets. It is still operational as the central area of the Green Line, which connects Boylston Street to Park street and the Government Center. It has since been named a National Historic Landmark as it was on the forefront of subway development in America.



Dunkin' Donuts

dunkin donutsThis entry may not be as big of a surprise to people as the others. Yes, in 1950, Bill Rosenberg opened the very first Dunkin' Donuts in Quincy, Massachusetts. it wasn't long until Dunkin' Donuts started expanding. In 1955 Rosenberg started licensing out franchises. New Englanders love their Dunkin' Donuts coffee and it's not hard to see why: it all started here. Today, there are over 11,300 Dunkin' Donuts locations world wide. It serves over 3 million customers daily, making it the world #1 baked goods and coffee chain. So you no longer need to go back to Boston to taste the famous Dunkin' Donuts coffee, but the rest of the country has to thank the greater Boston area for this American chain.

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