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4 Ways Nashville Really is "Music City"

Grand Ole Opry

grand ole opryNashville's famous Grand Ole Opry started in 1925, as a radio show originally titled "WSM Barn Dance." It came to be known as the Frand Ole Opry after the announcer once began the program with, “For the last hour, we have been listening to music taken largely from grand opera and the classics. We now present our own Grand Ole Opry.” In 1954, an unknown teen named Elvis Presley took the stage at the Grand Ole Opry for his first and last time. After his performance, the show's manager Jim Denny advised the young musician to return to Memphis and to not quit his day job as a truck driver.


The Nashville Curse

paramoreIn the 80's, a rock and roll band named Jason & the Nashville Scorchers dropped "Nashville" from their name, starting a curse that lasted 20 years. The Nashville Curse stopped any Music City rock band from selling a million records. However, music fans can rest assured, this dry spell did not last as long as the fabled Curse of the Bambino, with Paramore breaking it in 2007 for their second album, "Riot!" The Nashville Curse is now a thing of the past, thankfully.



RCA Studio B

elvisIf you ever find yourself in the RCA recording studios, be sure to stop by the B room and notice the red, green and blue Christmas lights hanging from the walls. When Elvis was recording his Christmas album, he was having trouble getting into the spirit of the holidays during the balmy summer months when they were working. The recording engineers put up Christmas lights and Elvis finished making the album. They have yet to take the lights down since 1954.



Third Man Records

jack whiteJack White, the famous guitarist and singer of the White Stripes, has become something of an icon in his adopted city of Nashville. He runs Third Man Records in Nashville. If you go to their studios to see a show, the concert is recorded and turned into albums on the spot, so that audience members can walk away with something to remember the show by. The concert recording are not sold ever again and you had to be physically present at the show to buy a copy.

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