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What Obama Changing Mt. McKinley to Denali Means for Globes

denali 2Alaska

As you may have heard, American President Barack Obama just announced on the eve of his recent trip to Alaska that he was restoring the name of the highest mountain in the state to Denali, from its previous name of Mt. McKinley. The mountain previously held the name after President William McKinley. The former president had never even visited Alaska or the mountain itself as Alaska became a state in 1959 and 25th President of the United States died in 1901 (he was assassinated just six months into his second term). Most Alaskans are praising the decision, as Denali has been the native name of the mountain stretching back into history. However, many citizens and politicians of Ohio (where McKinley was from) are criticizing Obama for his supposed abuse of power. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has said that if he is elected president he will change the name back to Mt. McKinley.


DenaliCartographic Change

This marks the first significant change in cartography since South Sudan became its own country 2011. However, this is an easy fix on the map, and we have already updated our maps to include this change. Our next run of globes should feature Denali with its new name, and I daresay, they just may be the first globes to hit the market with the correct name! Here's to Denali, and congratulations Alaska.!Also, our condolences Ohio--we love both Denali and President William McKinley here.

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