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The Holiday Season Is Near

800px-Thanksgiving-BrownscombeThere's a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, including a Black Friday Cyber Monday sale at Columbus Globes! Year round we discount our product's list price by 30% and offer free shipping on all products, but on the Friday and Monday following  Thanksgiving, when you're still full from the large turkey dinner, find a store wide sale on all beautiful Columbus Globes! Find a unique Christmas present for a loved one. The handcrafted, illuminated Columbus Globes make excellent gifts to your friends or family. So after Thanksgiving, when you have watched all of the football, eaten all of the turkey, had all of the laughs with your family for one holiday, come to ColumbusGlobes.com to do some online shopping and gear up for Christmas. Here are three products that we think we make stellar gifts this holiday season; happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!



Columbus Hamburg 16 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe

hamburgThe Columbus Hamburg 16 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe thrills with its elegant style. The sophisticated design of the stainless steel base is a tasteful complement to the blue ocean globe. The 16 inch sphere is framed by modern styled semi-meridian. The Hamburg features two maps in one with the DUORAMA technology. A bold and colorful physical map graces the world globe's surface when it is not illuminated. Flip on the model's light switch and watch as a political map emerges colorfully on its surface. The boundaries between nations and abundance of place names become visible with light. This handcrafted beauty shines with its artisanal qualities. The Columbus Hamburg 16 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe is a memorable tabletop model from the designer's esteemed line. Whether intended for a desk, bookshelf or coffee table, this world globe is sure to delight wherever it's displayed, and is bound to be enjoyed by young and old alike, whoever this gift is intended for!



Columbus Passau 13 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe

passauThe Columbus Passau 13 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe displays Columbus' awesome geography on a tabletop model. The 13 inch globe is supported by its stylish silver and black colored base. The Passau features Columbus' DUO map design. When the desktop globe's light is off a political map is displayed. Flip on the illuminated globe's light switch and watch as the model takes on the qualities of a physical map. The organic hues of the earth's landmasses and oceans, along with its relief, become visible on the sphere's surface with light. Bring the magic of the manufacturer's exceptional globe making and cartography to a tabletop in your home, office or classroom with the Columbus Passau 13 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe. With exceptional style, this world globe will surely to inspire a love of geography and design n both young and old alike!



Columbus Hannover Duorama 16 Inch Illuminated Floor Globe

hannover duoramaThe Columbus Hannover Duorama 16 Inch Illuminated Floor Globe shines with a sleek, modern style. The tall, stainless steel floor stand props the sphere up elegantly. The Hannover features Columbus' transforming DUORAMA map, which displays an abundance of geographic information. When the world globe's light is off, the naturalistic colors of the planet's landforms and oceans are depicted, along with the earth's uneven ocean floor and epic mountain ranges. When the floor globe is illuminated, the political map comes to life on its surface. This floor globe is a handcrafted work of art. The glass ball was hand blown by Columbus' trained craftspeople. The artisanal construction is what makes the Columbus globes an exemplary world globe. The beauty of the Columbus Hannover Duorama 16 Inch Illuminated Floor Globe makes it an essential addition to the home or office. Impress a loved one or great friend with this amazing world globe over the holidays!

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