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Holiday Sales on New Globes

dog7Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is coming up this week. Hopefully you are heading home to have a filling turkey dinner with your loved ones, or if not, celebrating with some close friends. With Thanksgiving's conclusion on Friday, it is time to kick things into high gear for the holiday season. Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or some other holiday, there is no better time than Black Friday to be taking advantage of holiday deals to get the perfect present, right here at Columbus Globes. World globes are excellent gifts during the holiday season, because they are usually a surprise and often quite welcome.  After all, who doesn't like globes? Be sure to get a world globe at an unbeatable price after Thanksgiving concludes. Keep your eye out for enticing sales, and use it to give a unique gift of the world to a loved one or friend. To help narrow down our selection, here are three globes we think would make excellent gifts.


explorer illuminatedExplorer Globe

The Columbus Explorer 12 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe is a back-to-basics, reliable desktop model. With its classic color scheme and dependable construction, this is a meat and potatoes world globe that will not go out of style and will thrill with its sharp cartography for years to come. The attractive acrylic sphere is complemented by the simple silver design of the desktop model's stand. Where the Explorer surpasses similar globes by other manufacturers, is its brilliant illumination. The globe showcases a highly detailed political map when not illuminated. However, with the flip of the world globe's switch, the political geography takes on physical attributes, as the colors of the planet's organic vegetative cover come alive with light. For those looking for a durable, go-to globe for their home, school or office, the Columbus Explorer Illuminated Desktop Globe 12 Inch is the obvious choice.



potsdamPotsdam Globe

The luxurious Columbus Potsdam Illuminated Floor Globe 16 Inch shows off the traditional ROYAL map. The 16 inch acrylic sphere sits 47 inches tall on the brass colored stand. The thin style of the floor globe lets the classic map take center stage. The parchment style antique-ocean map features beige waters and complementary earth-toned colors of the landmasses. Despite the nostalgic design of the political map it features up to date cartography. The ROYAL map was hand cut and applied to the floor globe by trained craftspeople in an incredibly unforgiving process. The detailed attention that each model gets from Columbus is what makes each world globe a work of art. Place this antiquely styled world globe in your home or office to add a decorative wonder that is sure to fascinate many for years to come with its classic design and cartography.


mini physical globeMini Political Globe

The Columbus Mini Physical Globe 4.7 Inch brings the visionary design and artisan craftsmanship of the German manufacturer to a modestly sized world globe The tabletop globe features Columbus' unforgettable Duorama map, which highlights the world's relief while still including many place names. The physical map brings the organic greens, yellows, browns and blues of the world's natural state to a map. The desk globe is 4 inches in diameter and tilted at a 23.5 degree angle, like earth, by a sleek silver steel meridian and base. On its base, the world globe reaches 6 inches tall total. The map was hand applied to the globe manually by skilled artisans, who put expert care into every model, ensuring their long lasting, exquisite beauty.
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