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Globe Ideas for the Holidays

slide_267421_1834640_freeHoliday Season

The holiday season is upon us. It is time to rejoice in the family time that comes at the end of the year and to find gifts for your loved ones. Globes are an indispensable part of the home. Set in a living room, library, bedroom or office, they are a great thing to reference when discussing current events, and with their warm glow, just feel like home. Teach your son about the world, or give your wife a new beautiful piece of furniture to liven up the living room. Globes appeal to people of all backgrounds, ages, genders and nationalities. Everyone likes tot have the world at their fingertips, so why not bring the beauty of our planet closer to a loved one's with a stunning, hand crafted globe? Here are some of our favorites, to help get your world globe shopping process started. Take advantage of all of our holiday sales to get these stunning artisanal products at amazing prices until the new year!


renaissance illuminated darkColumbus Renaissance Illuminated Desktop Globe 12 Inch

The Columbus Renaissance Desktop Globe 12 Inch matches the antique flavor of the map with the contemporary geography, making this model irresistible. The classic sensibility of the globe's design is enhanced by the parchment-colored oceans and antique hues of the political map. Small drawings of ships and mythic sea creatures abound on the map, along with elegant compass roses and a cartouche. With an affordable price tag, sturdy construction and artisanal design, the Renaissance globe is a must-have! Its combination of a vintage sensibility with Columbus' exceptional manufacturing and sharp cartography makes this an essential globe. These German-designed wonders have never been so within reach than with the Columbus Renaissance Desktop Globe 12 Inch. Give this world as a gift to yourself or to a friend or loved one, and watch as people constantly explore its fascinations when displayed in the home, office or classroom.



krauchenwiesColumbus Krauchenwies Illuminated Desktop Globe 13 Inch

The Columbus Krauchenwies Illuminated Desktop Globe 13 Inch is an irresistible offering from the German manufacturer! The Krauchenwies was released by Columbus to celebrate their 100th year anniversary. The DUO ALBA map features a sleek whitish-grey ocean hue which becomes blue when illuminated. The soft, earth tones of the landmasses on the political map takes on some three dimensional shading of the planet's physical attributes when the model comes alight. The acrylic world globe's map was hand cut by skilled artisans and manually applied to its surface. Savor the unique style and enduring crafstmanship of the Columbus Krauchenwies Illuminated Desktop Globe 13 Inch!



osnabruck-politicalColumbus Osnabruck Illuminated Floor Globe 20 Inch

The Columbus Osnabruck Illuminated Floor Globe 20 Inch is a modern treasure and the centerpiece of German manufacturer's line. This one of a kind world globe leaves a bold impression with its attractive, wishbone shaped walnut stand. The rich brown hue of the base has a classic bent, but its clear lines and stylish curves give the Osnabruck a contemporary flavor. The world globe features Columbus' DUO map technology. With two maps in one, the world's political divisions are apparent when the floor globe is not illuminated. A plethora of place names overlay the multicolored patchwork of countries, which enhance the luscious blue ocean color. Flip on the globe's light and watch as the extraordinarily vivid colors cascade into the room, filling it up with brilliant illumination. A gem in the German manufacturer's line, the Columbus Osnabruck Illuminated Floor Globe 20 Inch thrills with its unique beauty!

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