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Christmas is Next Week, Order an On-Sale Globe Today!

holidaysHoliday Cheer

Spread holiday cheer all around the globe! Hanukkah ends today and Christmas is a week away, so be sure to grab a world globe while you can for a loved one, friend or colleague. Globes make special gifts, and with Columbus' hand crafted artisanal products, you are sure to impress and delight the recipient of these models. Whether you are looking for an informative globe for a student, a tabletop model or a handsome floor globe, Columbus has many items on offer to fulfill your needs. If you have any questions about the items or are having trouble finding what you are looking for, please touch base with our expert staff who are here to help you find the perfect world globe for Christmas. Use the discount code "HOLIDAY" at check out to get 10% off of any world globe listed on our website. Happy Holidays!


weimarColumbus Weimar Illuminated Glass Desktop Globe

The Columbus Weimar Illuminated Glass Desktop Globe 16 Inch features a lavish design and stunning cartography. The golden hue of the brushed steel stand matches the colors of the political map and adds to its sophisticated style. The nostalgic ROYAL map features an antique colored ocean which recalls the cartography of yesteryear. Packed with geographic information like contemporary place names, shipping routes and water currents, the ROYAL map sets the earth-toned patchwork of the landmasses against the beige waters. Flip on this illuminated globe's light switch and watch as some details from a physical map become apparent on the sphere's surface. The Columbus globe is a handcrafted beauty. The large 16 inch glass sphere was hand blown by the German manufacturer's skilled artisans. Columbus remains the only company that still produces glass world globes by hand. The Columbus Weimar Illuminated Glass Desktop Globe 16 Inch is an extraordinary addition to a to the home or office--make sure someone special gets this beauty.



bonnColumbus Bonn Illuminated Floor Globe

The refined style of the Columbus Bonn Illuminated Floor Globe 16 Inch complements the beautiful DUORAMA map. The slight frame of the floor globe lets the DUORAMA map shine. When the world globe is not illuminated, a physical map is displayed. The planet's landmasses, high mountains and underwater ridges are represented through detailed 3D shading and variations in naturalistic colors. However, flip on the floor's globes internal light bulb and watch as the physical map takes on political aspects, with the country divisions becomes slightly visible under the place names. The DUORAMA map was hand cut applied to the floor globe by Columbus' trained craftspeople in an incredibly labor intensive process. The Columbus Bonn Illuminated Floor Globe 16 Inch is an exquisite model from the legendary manufacturer that will fit into a variety of decors.



rothenburg swarovskiColumbus Rothenburg Illuminated Desktop Globe with Swarovski

The luxurious design of the Columbus Rothenburg Illuminated Desktop Globe with Swarovski 16 Inch makes this model a modern treasure! The Columbus globe is accented by Swarovski's beautiful Zirconia that are hand-set to highlight the capitals and major metropolitan areas of the political map. The stones exude a sophisticated appeal that shines when the model is illuminated. With light, the silver-toned Zirconia twinkle and shimmer, lending the model an exciting dynamism! The Zirconia are carefully crafted by Swarovski in Austria. This desktop globe showcases Columbus' classic DUO map. The innovative map takes on qualities from political and physical maps when illuminated. Bring the artistic wonder into your holiday season with the Columbus Rothenburg Illuminated Desktop Globe with Swarovski.

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