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5 Cool Maps of Australia


Australia is a very big country. Known for its attractive but rowdy people, famous Hollywood actors, koalas, kangaroos and hot sun, there is a lot to love in the country that has a lot of land.  Without seeing Australia on a world globe where its size is accurately rendered, it can be hard to truly wrap your mind around its girth. That being said, the country is also relatively empty, Australia is a very, very large continent that is almost all desert. The large majority of the country's population are concentrated on the coasts, understandably. The coastal cities of Australia contribute to its famous surfing and beach culture. Fine some of the beach beaches of the world globe in the country that used to be a penal colony. In the meantime, to get an idea of Australia's super vast landmass, here are some awesome maps to help give some perspective.

Countries that Fit Into Australia

australia 1

Australia Fitting Over Europe

australia 2

Australia Fitting over the United States of America

australia 3

More Comparisons Between Australia and the USA

australia 4

98% of the Population Lives Outside the Yellow Area

australia 5

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