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7 Extraordinary Maps of Paris

New Perspectives on Paris

Artistic Rendering of Paris

Here, an artist renders the world's most beautiful city as if it is merging with the surrounding environment. Not cartographically accurate, this impressionistic map is still a pleasure to get drawn into.


Paris in 360

This truly antique map of Paris from 360 AD shows how one of the world's most iconic cities what looks now as a village surrounded by the Seine river.

paris 360 ad

Metro Map

Need a hand getting around Paris? No problem, here is the city's metro map:

paris metro map

Paris in 1180

Here you can see how Paris has expanded over 800 years from the center, mostly northwards.

1180 paris

Dating Paris' Architecture

See what era clusters of buildings were built in Paris in this fascinating and beautiful map. Truly one of the oldest and most beautiful cities on the world globe.

paris map 1

Paris in 1615

Colorful map of 1615 Paris from famous swiss engraver Matthaus Merian. See how the city continues to expand outwards from the center locus.

1615 paris swiss engraver matthaus merian

Paris in 1889

Here Paris starts to take its modern shape, broken up into arrondissements, or neighborhoods, of which there are currently 20.

1889 paris

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