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12 Dazzling Maps of London


London, England is one of the world globe's greatest cities. Historic, enormous, diverse and innovative, this city has been one of the great hubs of human activity for almost 2000 years when the ancient Romans originally set up the city. Here are 12 amazing maps of the famous city to help deepen your appreciation of the metropolis.

London's Daily Commutes

london daily communtes

London's 114 Thousand Daily Bus Trips

london bus trip

1908 Underground Maps of London's Tubes

london 1908 tube map

1931 Underground Map of London's Tubes After it Stopped Being Geographically Accurate

london 1933 map

If London Actually Looked like the Tube Map

london totally accurate tube map

If the Tube Map Actually Was Geographically Accurate

london actually accurate tube map

A Map of London's Ethnicities

london ethnic diversity

A Map of London's Non English Language Regions

london non english languages

A Map of Every Bomb Dropped During the Blitz in WWII

london evry bomb during blitz

A Map of the Buildings Damaged During the Blitz

london buildings damaged in blitz

A Map of Tweets and Flickr Images Posted in London - Tweets in Blue and Flickr in Orange

london tweets blue flickr orange

1895 Map of London's Boroughs

london boroughs 1895

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