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9 Breathtaking Maps of the Moon

Mapping the Moon

The moon is the nearest celestial body to earth in the solar system. Besides providing light at night it also controls the tides. An incredibly important object in history along with mythology, many works of art have also been inspired by it. As such, drawings and maps of the moon have been prevalent throughout history and show up relatively early in the history of cartography. Many of these maps capture the beauty and mystery of the object itself. Still, NASA and other organizations like the United States Geographical Survey continue to make new maps of the moon and discover new things in the process. Here is a brief history of mapping the moon over the past 500 years.

1647 Map of the Moon

1647 moon

1679 Cassini Map of the Moon

1679 cassini moon

Riccoli Map of the Moon

lunar poles

1910 Goodacre Map of the Moon

moon 1910 goodacre full

Goodacre Map of the Moon Piece

goodacre moon2

Lunar Poles

riccoli moon

USGS Map of the Moon


USGS  Topographic Map of the Moon


Nasa's New Gravity Map of the Moon Gravity

moon nasa map

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