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9 Vintage Maps of Chicago You Must See


Chicago has always been one of America's most iconic cities. Sitting in the heart of the Midwest, since the dawn of the country the Windy City has always been a passageway for travelers traveling from coast to coast. The diverse city has been a nexus of American culture. Many consider it the metropolis that best exemplifies the national architecture, as the sky scraper was birthed there (arguably) and the country's most famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, was based out of there for much of his career. Chicago is a city, like San Francisco, that very much has a unified architectural style. That is largely the result of the Chicago Fire og 1871. The fire completely decimated the city. And like the San Francisco 1906 earthquake, had to be practically rebuilt from the ground up. Here are 9 amazing maps--some before the fire and others fire from 1859-1938. Enjoy!


chicago 1859 b


chicago 1868

Chicago Fire

chicago fire map


1890 chicago suburbs

1892 World Fair

chicago 1892 world fair

1893 World Fair

1893 chicago world fair

1895 Map of Nationalities

1895 chicago nationalities 1chicago nationalities 2


chicago 1938

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