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10 Must See Modernist World Globes for the Home

Columbus Globes

Columbus, having been making world globes for over 100 years, lived through the modernist era into the postmodern one. Some of their models, like the iconic Osnabruck, have featured the same design since the 1950's -- with only the cartography and geography being updated to stay with the times. For lovers of mid-century modern design, yet who want a geographical tool that is current with modern day politics, Columbus makes appealing world globes that fit many different types of home decor. World globes are the secret weapon for interior designers, the perfect complement to a room's style, to give the final flourish the space needs. Here are 10 must see modernist world globes that are perfect items to be displayed at home.

Columbus Osnabruck Illuminated Floor Globe

This classic floor globe shows of beautiful blue ocean geography between its wishbone shaped wooden floor stand. Rotate the globe horizontally on its axis or vertically on its stand to get a better view of the southern hemisphere of the globe. Its use of natural materials paired with its classic coloring and bold design makes it this world globe a modernist masterpiece.


Columbus Vienna Illuminated Desktop Globe

This illuminated world globe showcases a classically colored map on the thin frame of the brass base. While the map, with its parchment colored oceans recalls the world maps of yesteryear, the minimalist design of the globe. Appreciate the beauty of a traditional globe on a modernist stand with the Vienna desktop globe.


Columbus Rothenburg Illuminated Desktop Globe

The modern stainless steel base and meridian frames this contemporary blue ocean world globe. The political map features world's divisions that carve up the earth's continents into separate cultural communities. Savor the up to date cartography and brilliant illumination of the Rothenburg desktop globe.


Columbus Munich Physical Illuminated Floor Globe

The slanted base on this stunning world globe gives it a distinctive modernist flair. The stainless steel base showcases a physical map that is not obscured by any meridian, allowing this tall floor globe to be viewed in its totality.

munich physical

Columbus Marco Polo Illuminated Desktop Globe

On the opposite side of the spectrum is the Marco Polo desktop globe, which, with its vertical and horizontal meridians provides geographic and astronomical data which makes this one of the most informationally rich world globes on the market.

student marco polo

Columbus Ravensburg Illuminated Desktop Globe

While the Ravensburg's physical map is a representation of the world in its natural form and colors--Columbus' rendering of the world map gives it a distinct appealing contemporary flavor.


Columbus Hannover Royal Illuminated Floor Globe

Savor the beautiful parchment colored world map on the tall stainless steel floor stand. The minimalist style of the base and meridian lets the royal map take center stage, with its mix of classic design and contemporary cartography.

hannover royal

Columbus Krauchenwies Illuminated Desktop Globe

This startling grey ocean design becomes even more captivating when it becomes illuminated. With light, the grey ocean turns blue on this desktop world globe.


Columbus Magnum Plus Political Illuminated Floor Globe

Savor the colossal modernist style of the Magnum political globe. The wishbone shaped stainless steel base cradles the giant world globe, putting it on brilliant display.

magnum duo

Columbus Dresden Illuminated Desktop Globe

This antique world map is framed by a sleek brass meridian and base, making this a memorable desktop world globe that will thrill passersby for years to come.



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