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Don't Miss the Flash July 4th Sale on 5 World Globes


Reap the rewards of our summer sale by getting a world globe for your home, classroom or office. Five world globe, with options for both desktop and floor, are available at discounted prices. Whether you want to find a great gift for your loved ones or you would like to find a new piece of decorative furniture for yourself, these are great starting points to explore our collection of hand crafted world globes. Happy July 4th!

explorer illuminatedColumbus Explorer Illuminated Tabletop Globe

This popular world globe features timeless design and Columbus exacting cartography. This illuminated desktop globe makes a great gift--always unexpected and nearly always welcome, the Explorer globe has never been so affordable.

Columbus National Geographic Viking Globe


This appealing illuminated globe presents National Geographic's world famous cartography on a tasteful wooden stand and framed by a brass colored meridian. Appreciate the antique ocean style of this tabletop world globe.

envoyColumbus National Geographic Envoy Globe

This tall floor globe showcases a blue ocean political map by National Geographic. For those who are looking for a globe that will sit next to a desk, couch or in a choice corner of the room-- the Envoy floor globe is a great place to start.



Columbus Rothenburg Illuminated Desktop Globe with Swarovskirothenburg swarovski

The blue ocean beauty of the Rothenburg globe is further enhanced by the sparkling Swarovski Zirconia. This world globe is even more spectacular with illuminated, as the Swarovski twinkle with illumination.

Columbus Vienna Illuminated Desktop Globe with Swarovski

The parchment colored ocean matched with the thin and stylish brass base. This luxurious illuminated world globe features Swarovski Zirconia placed over major cities, making this world globe come alive with illumination. This extravagant desktop globe has never been so affordable!

CGS-S224071-vienna-nonill Vienna


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