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Columbus Audio/Video Pen Instructions

Instructions for the Pen’s Audio Function

To get started, switch on the pen with the start button by holding the button for 2 seconds. When you see a green light and hear the sound your pen is on.

Place the tip of the pen on the white “activation code” box on the back of the card. Now the Pen Audio function is ready to be used on your Columbus Globe

On the front of the card, tap on one of the category icons (“Country information”, “National Anthems”, or “Quiz”) and then point at a country on the globe with your pen to listen to useful information. Use (+) or (-) buttons on the pen to adjust the volume.

Instructions for the Pen’s Video Function

In order to view the videos, first you need to download the Columbus Video Pen App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store onto your tablet or smartphone. You can also use the QR-Code on your activation card to find the App.

After making sure your Bluetooth Connection is on, open the Columbus Video Pen App and turn on the Columbus Video Pen.

In the Columbus App, tap on the top left corner to enter the side menu. There tap on ”My Device” and choose your Columbus Video Pen. Depending on your internet quality/speed you can change the “Settings” under the main menu. The “video quality setting” could be set to low, medium or high. The “Map type setting” could be set to Normal, Satellite or Hybrid. Go back by tapping on the arrow in the upper left-hand corner.

Point, with the pen, on the white “activation code” on the back of the card.

Now the pen Video function is ready to be used on your Columbus Globe.

Point the pen on the category icon “Videos/pictures” on the front of the card. Then point your Columbus Video Pen on any Location on your Columbus Globe to enjoy useful videos or pictures on your smartphone or tablet.