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Monthly Archives: January 2015

  • Globes in the 20th Century

    Technological Innovations

    Illuinated-GlobeThe 20th century saw a great many shifts in the globe industry. For one, in the 19th century, electricity had become almost ubiquitous in the Western world, allowing illuminated globes to become invented. However, that also took away their usefulness in helping students understand how many hours of daylight were available given a specific latitude during a time of year, as most streets and rooms were now able to be lit at any point of the day with electric light bulbs, making that information not as necessary to know. Also, in the 20th century, radio based sea navigation allowed ships to get where they were going without relying on the constellations, rendering celestial globes redundant for sailing. However, as technology made some of the old uses of globes obsolete, new innovations brought them to an even wider audience.

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