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Monthly Archives: November 2015

  • Cyber Monday Sale

    cat xmas1Cyber Monday Has Arrived

    Our Cyber Monday sale is today. Use the coupon code CYBERMONDAY15 when checking out to get savings on every single globe in our collection. Pick up a world globe for a loved one or friend this holiday season. They make great gifts that are rarely expected and always welcome. From our Mini globes all the way up to our Magnum globes, we have a wide selection with offerings in almost any price range to fit the space and budget you have in mind. To help narrow things down, here are three fantastic world globes from our collection that would make excellent gifts this holiday season--buy them today to take advantage of our 24 hour Cyber Monday Sale at unbeatable prices!

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  • Holiday Sales on New Globes

    dog7Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanksgiving is coming up this week. Hopefully you are heading home to have a filling turkey dinner with your loved ones, or if not, celebrating with some close friends. With Thanksgiving's conclusion on Friday, it is time to kick things into high gear for the holiday season. Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or some other holiday, there is no better time than Black Friday to be taking advantage of holiday deals to get the perfect present, right here at Columbus Globes. World globes are excellent gifts during the holiday season, because they are usually a surprise and often quite welcome.  After all, who doesn't like globes? Be sure to get a world globe at an unbeatable price after Thanksgiving concludes. Keep your eye out for enticing sales, and use it to give a unique gift of the world to a loved one or friend. To help narrow down our selection, here are three globes we think would make excellent gifts.


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  • Do Not Miss Our Coming November Sales

    The Holiday Season Is Near

    800px-Thanksgiving-BrownscombeThere's a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, including a Black Friday Cyber Monday sale at Columbus Globes! Year round we discount our product's list price by 30% and offer free shipping on all products, but on the Friday and Monday following  Thanksgiving, when you're still full from the large turkey dinner, find a store wide sale on all beautiful Columbus Globes! Find a unique Christmas present for a loved one. The handcrafted, illuminated Columbus Globes make excellent gifts to your friends or family. So after Thanksgiving, when you have watched all of the football, eaten all of the turkey, had all of the laughs with your family for one holiday, come to ColumbusGlobes.com to do some online shopping and gear up for Christmas. Here are three products that we think we make stellar gifts this holiday season; happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!



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