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Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • 5 Stunning Antique Globes from the Globe Museum

    5. Julius Payer's Terrestrial Globe from 1875

    payer-globeThis extraordinary world globe, made in 1875, looks as if it could have been made today. The bright sky blue ocean design contrasts with the white landmasses that are outlined in a bold pink hue. The bright color scheme was hand drawn onto this desktop model by the cartographer, Julius Payer. The globe sits on an ornate base, made from multicolored fabric. The German globe is about a foot in diameter, and a couple of inches higher on the base. A standout in Austria's Globe Museum, this unusual globe startles with its contemporary design despite being made in the 19th century. Without place names, the sleek and colorful style of Payer's globe is one of a kind for an antique model.

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  • 5 Awesome Maps of Mars


    While we specialize in world globes, sometimes it is good to extend one's gaze into the heavens. Mars has been of particular interest recently, after NASA recently found water on the planet. Last year, The Martian, with Matt Damon highlighted the red planet as well. With the Curiosity Rover getting more and more pics of the planet, we are learning more about it than we ever had. With many planned missions to Mars on the horizon in the next decade or so, it is the next frontier for humanity to conquer as we venture farther and farther into space. Nothing will beat the beauty of our own special world globe here on earth, but Mars is a close second!

    Ordinance Survey

    The famous UK mapping agency Ordinace Survey created this beautiful map of Mars with their distinctive class and style. Using data from NASA, see about 3.8 million square miles of Mars surface with this colorful map. Be sure to bring this next time you venture to the red planet to find your way around.

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  • 5 Maps that Explain Religion in America

    Religion in America

    Ever since its colonial roots, America has been a highly religious place. From its puritanical roots to its current diversity of spiritual thought: America remains a place of religious freedom, thanks to the First Amendment of the Constitution. Although the colonies were initially respite for protestants from the persecution of the Catholic Church and the Church of England in Europe, you will see today in these world maps that the country is very Catholic today. Still, the places were religion is taken the most seriously are not the Catholic heavy areas for the most part--for those areas, unsurprisingly, look to the Evangelical south. Without further ado, understand out world globe yet even a little more with this five interesting maps.


    A Map of Religion in the American Colonies

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