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Monthly Archives: June 2016

  • 10 Must See Modernist World Globes for the Home

    Columbus Globes

    Columbus, having been making world globes for over 100 years, lived through the modernist era into the postmodern one. Some of their models, like the iconic Osnabruck, have featured the same design since the 1950's -- with only the cartography and geography being updated to stay with the times. For lovers of mid-century modern design, yet who want a geographical tool that is current with modern day politics, Columbus makes appealing world globes that fit many different types of home decor. World globes are the secret weapon for interior designers, the perfect complement to a room's style, to give the final flourish the space needs. Here are 10 must see modernist world globes that are perfect items to be displayed at home.

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  • 10 Antique Maps of San Francisco That Will Take Your Breath Away

    San Francisco, California

    The boom-bust dynamics of San Francisco has been on vibrant display since the dawn of the city's history. From the Gold Rush of the 19th century to the dotcom boom of the late 20th century to the recent start-up craze, San Francisco has always been a haven for entrepreneurs and fortune seekers. Situated on the west coast of the United States, the city lies at the edge of the American frontier and has often been a destination for those trying to expand a new idea into a company, along with those attracted to the alternative lifestyle and lase-fair cultural values it holds. In San Francisco's wild west days, the metropolis was mostly populated by men (miners left their wives behind at home to set out for gold), which meant that the city was largely lawless. Thus, SF's eccentric reputation came to be solidified. One of the defining moments of the city's history was the devastating 1906 earthquake, which demolished much of the city and allowed an influx of cutting edge architects to come in and rebuild the city. To help understand why the city by the bay is one of the world's most unique cities on the world globe, here are 10 beautiful antique maps of the San Francisco.

    The First Ever Known Map of San Francisco, from 1772 and by Juan Crespie

    sf fray juan crespie 1772 1st ever map

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