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See the Newest Magnum Globe - the Largest Globes in Production

magnum duoMagnum Globes

The Magnum world globes remain the largest in commercial production. These illuminated beauties can be seen in the offices of major corporations, universities and museums the world over. The Munich globes have a diameter of 26 inches, while the larger Magnum globes have diameters of both 30.5 and 40 inches. All of the Magnum globes feature blue ocean designs and are available in both political and physical maps. These giant globes still feature maps that are hand applied to the sphere by Columbus' skilled artisans. The Magnums previously have sported contemporary designs, with thin stainless steel bases in a wishbone or diagonal shape. With the newest addition to the Magnum line, the 40 inch Imperial model there is finally a world globe of this size that has an antique sensibility.

Columbus Imperial Illuminated Floor Globeimperial-edited

The Imperial, with its 40 inch globe, fine wooden cradle and full brass meridian, is a colossal beauty. The blue ocean map is rendered in an antique style. Like maps of yesteryear, drawings of ships and sea monsters adorn the world globe. Still, despite its nostalgic sensibility, the map is completely up to date and features contemporary geography.



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