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  • 5 Stunning Antique Globes from the Globe Museum

    5. Julius Payer's Terrestrial Globe from 1875

    payer-globeThis extraordinary world globe, made in 1875, looks as if it could have been made today. The bright sky blue ocean design contrasts with the white landmasses that are outlined in a bold pink hue. The bright color scheme was hand drawn onto this desktop model by the cartographer, Julius Payer. The globe sits on an ornate base, made from multicolored fabric. The German globe is about a foot in diameter, and a couple of inches higher on the base. A standout in Austria's Globe Museum, this unusual globe startles with its contemporary design despite being made in the 19th century. Without place names, the sleek and colorful style of Payer's globe is one of a kind for an antique model.

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  • 5 Maps that Explain Religion in America

    Religion in America

    Ever since its colonial roots, America has been a highly religious place. From its puritanical roots to its current diversity of spiritual thought: America remains a place of religious freedom, thanks to the First Amendment of the Constitution. Although the colonies were initially respite for protestants from the persecution of the Catholic Church and the Church of England in Europe, you will see today in these world maps that the country is very Catholic today. Still, the places were religion is taken the most seriously are not the Catholic heavy areas for the most part--for those areas, unsurprisingly, look to the Evangelical south. Without further ado, understand out world globe yet even a little more with this five interesting maps.


    A Map of Religion in the American Colonies

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  • 7 Must See Old Maps of Los Angeles

    1639 Map

    This map was made by Johannes Vingboons of the Dutch West India Company in 1639. For most of the seventeenth century, California was thought to be an island. Find where the would-be Los Angeles would be located!

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  • 7 Extraordinary Maps of Paris

    New Perspectives on Paris

    Artistic Rendering of Paris

    Here, an artist renders the world's most beautiful city as if it is merging with the surrounding environment. Not cartographically accurate, this impressionistic map is still a pleasure to get drawn into.

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  • 3 Amazing Maps of Mythic Locations


    atlantisWhile maps and globes continue to all feature some spacial distortion, they are more accurate than ever due to satellite technology and GPS. However, maps and globes have not always been such responsible authorities on geography. Many ancient maps and globes are filled with wild geographic inaccuracies, in many cases going so far as to include entirely made up or mythic locations. To honor how far we have come with Columbus' exacting cartography, we wanted to look at some curious maps of mythical locations. The most famous of all is of these legendary locations, is of course, Atlantis. Created by Plato as metaphoric, the mythic island has grown in reputation throughout history. In Plato's works, Timaeus and Critias, the Atlantian navy besieged Athens. However, Athens won the battle over Atlantis, even though no other state in the west was able to withstand Atlantis' mighty army. The gods, in a fit of anger, eventually sent Atlantis to the bottom of the ocean. Although many conspiracy theorists across history have speculated as to the "real" location of Atlantis, Plato alleged it was situated "beyond the Pillars of Hercules." While Atlantis was clearly meant as a metaphor in his work, this mythic island has indeed been the subject of many ancient maps, such as this one from 1669, designed by Athanasius Kircher.


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  • 5 Daring Art Heists

    The Louvre

    mona lisaIn 1911 an Italian employee at the Parisian Louvre museum named Vincenzo Peruggia stole the Mona Lisa and hid in the building overnight. The next day, a plumber let him out and he made off with arguably the world's most famous painting. Peruggia was caught and the masterpiece recovered two years later when the thief tried to sell the painting to an Italian museum. Peruggia believes that the painting rightfully belonged in an Italian museum, not a French one. He served some time in a prison but became sort of a national hero for his attempt to return the Mona Lisa to its home land. Apparently Pablo Picasso was an initial suspect for the robbery.

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  • 4 Iconic Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings in Chicago

    The Rookery

    rookery lobbyThe architectural pair Daniel H. Burnham and John Wellborn Root, as Burnham and Root, collaborated in 1887-1888 to create the famous Rookery building in the wake of the Great Chicago Fire. The 11 story building was one of the city's very first skyscrapers and remains the oldest standing skyscraper in Chicago to this day. Root, inspired by Moorish, Byzantine, Ventian and Romanesque styles to create its recognziable interior and exteriors, while using then modern building fashions to create a contemporary masterwork. However, in 1905, a then-young Frank Lloyd Wright was commissioned, in his first major gig, to renovate the interior lobby of the Rookery, in the famous light court. Wright brought his Prairie style to the interior of the lobby, and also added significant white marble and golden colored Persian-style ornamentation to the lobby. His geometric lighting fixtures complement the court, opening up the space to more available light. The lobby, having undergone renovation yet again in the 1930's, has since been restored to Frank Lloyd Wright's original design.


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  • Don't Miss this Perfect Mother's Day Gift

    Mother's Day is Coming Up

    mama catMother's Day is May 10th. That means that it is less than a month away to find the perfect gift to remind your Mom how much you love her. How about a great Columbus globe for the occasion? Everybody loves globes, and in our book these handmade works of art are the perfect surprise for the person who loves you most in the world. We're going to help you find the perfect globe to get your Mom for the upcoming holiday, by highlighting some of our favorite globes in the Columbus collection that she would love. We wanted to start out with one of our most lavish options, for those who really want to give their Mother's something special this year. Worry not though, there are plenty of other gift ideas on the way for those who are on more of a budget. Still, nothing says "I love you, Mom" like a Swarovski-laden illuminated desktop globe!

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  • Enhance Your Home Decor With These Three Styles

    Interior Design

    columbus_floor_globes_slide3-2While our last blog post dealt with the differences in Columbus' maps, there are other factors to take into account when finding the perfect globe to fit the home decor of your home or office. There are many different design styles that a room can have, and with these three different stands of our floor globes, we wanted to shine the light on a couple different directions you can go in. With our most popular floor globes in the $1,000 range, there are three main styles of bases to consider to match the beauty of the hand-blown glass sphere. With each of the different stands though, one can still get any of the map options, including the DUO, DUORAMA, ROYAL and DUO ALBA.


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  • 4 Innovative & Bold Map Styles

    Relentless Innovation

    historisch_04Ever since the company was formed in Germany over 100 years ago, Columbus has been on the forefront of innovation within the globe industry. As a leader in design and quality manufacturing, Columbus has been relentless in its desire to push the globe world into the future while maintaining its artisan manufacturing process. Around the middle of last century, Columbus invented the two-map DUO technology. By placing one map on the interior of the globe and another on its exterior, when the globe became illuminated, a different map is presented than when it the light is turned off. Using this principal, Columbus collection is now based on four different two-map styles. As the first company to come up with this brilliant and dynamic transforming design sensibility, the German manufacturer help keep up its reputation as the boldest globe maker in the industry.



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