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  • Watch Hollywood Grow Through History in 9 Maps


    Hollywood was originally known as the Cauhenga Valley in the mid 19th century. However, in 1886 H.J. Whitley dubbed the area Hollywood and the name stuck. By the turn of the century the neighborhood had grown to become a small town. By 1912, major film making companiesĀ  had taken up shop in Los Angeles. In those days, Thomas Edison's Motion Picture Patents Company held many patents with film technology. It drove a lot of filmmakers out west, and coupled with the bright sun year round weather of Southern California, Paramount, Warner Brothers, RKO and Columbia all became headquartered in the neighborhood. After that, the rest is history, as Hollywood's reputation in teh 1920s as Tinseltown became solidified--rife with movie stars glamour and film industry hedonistic excess. Visualize the development if this particular patch of the world globe in the following nine beautiful maps.

    H.H. Wilcox & Co 1887 Map of Hollywood

    H.H. Wilcox was one of the very firs people in history to own property in the newly dubbed Hollywood area. Him and his wife Daeida named dubbed their ranch Hollywood after moving from the midwest. H.H. Wilcox & Co was his real estate company.

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  • 7 Must See Old Maps of Los Angeles

    1639 Map

    This map was made by Johannes Vingboons of the Dutch West India Company in 1639. For most of the seventeenth century, California was thought to be an island. Find where the would-be Los Angeles would be located!

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  • 4 Inventions You Didn't Know Came from San Francisco

    4. Fortune Cookies

    fortune cookieMany people are surprised to learnĀ  that the fortune cookies that are included with most cheap Chinese take out meals actually have Japanese origins. While a few people claim to have been the person to bring the fortune cookie to America, the general consesus is that a Japanese man credit Makoto Hagiwara with the invention. It is based on a traditional Japanese cookie that was modernized in the 1890's, in the Japanese Tea Garden located in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. The cookies were produced in the local backery, Benkyodo.

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