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  • Experience Innovative Modern Style With these Two Globes

    The DUO ALBA

    duo-alba-officeThe DUO ALBA is Columbus' newest map style. With its grey ocean design, it stands out with its thoroughly contemporary sensibility. The satellite view of the ocean's underwater relief is particularly bold on this model, and gives it an extraordinary visual texture. When the globe becomes illuminated through the flip of a switch, the grey ocean transitions suddenly into a luminous blue hue. As the newest entry in a stellar collection of cartography and design, the two DUO ALBA globes are eye candy and fit particularly well in a home or office decor with a decidedly contemporary slant. Be on the edge of Columbus' pioneering design spirit with either the desktop or floor model that features this striking style.

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  • Enhance Your Home Decor With These Three Styles

    Interior Design

    columbus_floor_globes_slide3-2While our last blog post dealt with the differences in Columbus' maps, there are other factors to take into account when finding the perfect globe to fit the home decor of your home or office. There are many different design styles that a room can have, and with these three different stands of our floor globes, we wanted to shine the light on a couple different directions you can go in. With our most popular floor globes in the $1,000 range, there are three main styles of bases to consider to match the beauty of the hand-blown glass sphere. With each of the different stands though, one can still get any of the map options, including the DUO, DUORAMA, ROYAL and DUO ALBA.


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  • 4 Innovative & Bold Map Styles

    Relentless Innovation

    historisch_04Ever since the company was formed in Germany over 100 years ago, Columbus has been on the forefront of innovation within the globe industry. As a leader in design and quality manufacturing, Columbus has been relentless in its desire to push the globe world into the future while maintaining its artisan manufacturing process. Around the middle of last century, Columbus invented the two-map DUO technology. By placing one map on the interior of the globe and another on its exterior, when the globe became illuminated, a different map is presented than when it the light is turned off. Using this principal, Columbus collection is now based on four different two-map styles. As the first company to come up with this brilliant and dynamic transforming design sensibility, the German manufacturer help keep up its reputation as the boldest globe maker in the industry.



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