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  • A Brief History of the Globe

    The World Is Not Flat

    Fantasy map of a flat earthWhile everybody now knows that the world is a sphere, it is a relatively recent idea in the history of humanity, along with being a great and hard fought victory for reason. For tens of thousands of years, people generally thought that the earth was flat, having observed the apparent horizontal nature of the ground that they stood on. Still, some inconvenient truths appeared to be incongruous with the flat earth theory. For example, why did the sun rise in the east and set in the west day after day? Why do the stars appear to move in a circular direction around the night sky?

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  • Do Not Miss Our Coming November Sales

    The Holiday Season Is Near

    800px-Thanksgiving-BrownscombeThere's a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, including a Black Friday Cyber Monday sale at Columbus Globes! Year round we discount our product's list price by 30% and offer free shipping on all products, but on the Friday and Monday following  Thanksgiving, when you're still full from the large turkey dinner, find a store wide sale on all beautiful Columbus Globes! Find a unique Christmas present for a loved one. The handcrafted, illuminated Columbus Globes make excellent gifts to your friends or family. So after Thanksgiving, when you have watched all of the football, eaten all of the turkey, had all of the laughs with your family for one holiday, come to ColumbusGlobes.com to do some online shopping and gear up for Christmas. Here are three products that we think we make stellar gifts this holiday season; happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!



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  • Act Now to Get a Mother's Day Gift

    A Globe for Mother's Day

    cheetasThere's only 7 more days until Mother's Day, so be sure to order a gift for her today to make sure it arrives on time. There are many handmade, artisanal globes in our collection that would delight any mother with their stunning design and brilliant cartography. Don't let another Mother's Day go by without getting Mom something that shows her how special she is to you. No more last minute gifts or cards--consider one of these stunning globes, with their artful construction and geographical splendor, to give to the person who loves you most in the world! Any Mom would go crazy over Columbus Globes, which has been in the industry the longest of any other manufacturer in the world. Over 100 years of craftsmanship and innovation have gone into producing these brilliant world globes, which are built to last a lifetime.


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  • Enhance Your Home Decor With These Three Styles

    Interior Design

    columbus_floor_globes_slide3-2While our last blog post dealt with the differences in Columbus' maps, there are other factors to take into account when finding the perfect globe to fit the home decor of your home or office. There are many different design styles that a room can have, and with these three different stands of our floor globes, we wanted to shine the light on a couple different directions you can go in. With our most popular floor globes in the $1,000 range, there are three main styles of bases to consider to match the beauty of the hand-blown glass sphere. With each of the different stands though, one can still get any of the map options, including the DUO, DUORAMA, ROYAL and DUO ALBA.


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  • 4 Innovative & Bold Map Styles

    Relentless Innovation

    historisch_04Ever since the company was formed in Germany over 100 years ago, Columbus has been on the forefront of innovation within the globe industry. As a leader in design and quality manufacturing, Columbus has been relentless in its desire to push the globe world into the future while maintaining its artisan manufacturing process. Around the middle of last century, Columbus invented the two-map DUO technology. By placing one map on the interior of the globe and another on its exterior, when the globe became illuminated, a different map is presented than when it the light is turned off. Using this principal, Columbus collection is now based on four different two-map styles. As the first company to come up with this brilliant and dynamic transforming design sensibility, the German manufacturer help keep up its reputation as the boldest globe maker in the industry.



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  • Super Globes for the Super Bowl

    The 2015 Super Bowl XLIX

    super bowlSuper Bowl Sunday is behind us! We hope that you enjoyed the game, and got to watch and eat good food with dear friends and family. Along with the game itself, pop star Katy Perry gave a quintessentially outrageous half time show, and the advertisements were as funny as usual. Even before the Super Bowl, there was controversy surrounding an advertisement, with GoDaddy.com's spoof of a Budweiser ad getting pulled from the game before days before kick-off. After debuting the Go Daddy commercial on the internet, the ad generated such a severe backlash that the company decided to air a different commercial during the Super Bowl instead. The New England Patriots played the Seattle Seahawks in Arizona, and while we are not football experts here at Columbus globes (don't worry, we will not bore you with our in-depth football analysis), we did decide to highlight two of our super globes in honor of the Super Bowl! We currently sell the two largest world globes in production, and here is a brief run down on both of these beauties.

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  • New Year, New Globes

    The Year End Wrap Up

    Capture21This year was an exciting one for Columbus Globes. Our business in the United States continues to expand. In addition to Columbus' extraordinary line of illuminated desktop and floor globes, we received twelve stunning new models in 2014. From the three new low-priced floor globes including the Bonn, Prien and Potsdam, to the Bremen Duo Alba and two Cologne Floor Globes,to the desktop globes including the Jena, Passau and the Student Marco Polo, there is a large diversity of hot new models to choose from. While classic Columbus models like the Osnabruck or the Frankfurt are still as fresh looking as ever, these brand new world globes have been welcome additions to our selection. We wanted to put a microscope on two of our most popular recent models that arrived in during 2014.

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  • Last Chance to Take Advantage of the Holiday Sale

    The Holidays Are Upon Us

    hanukkah and christmasWith Hanukkah well underway and Christmas arriving in just a few days, it is your last chance to take advantage of our holiday sale, which offers our entire product line at a 10% discount. Simply input the coupon code HOLIDAY2014 at check out to redeem the offer. World globes of this caliber make great gifts at this time of year. Their brilliant lights fill up a room with joy and help embody the holiday spirit. Moreover, a globe is a timeless gift that will never go out of style. The geographic value of each model makes them educational treasures. In addition to its practical value, Columbus imparts each individual world globe with style, making these decorative models sure to be a special feature in any home or office decor. Globes are appreciated by people of all ages and persuasions. These elegant and informative world globes hold an appeal that is cross generational and not specific to any one demographic. In this way, you cannot go wrong with giving a world globe to a good friend or loved one this holiday season. Be sure to grab one now while this sale lasts and before the holidays are over!

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  • Do Not Miss This Unexpected Holiday Surprise!

    Mysterious Trains in Frankfurt, Germany

    trainfromKedivekitapThe holiday season is all about unexpected gifts. It appears that Frankfurt, Germany is giving quite the enigmatic gift to its people. Those who spend a good deal of time on Instagram may know what I'm talking about. Yes, Germans are taking pictures of trains going through the city filled to the brim with illuminated globes! These beautiful and unexplained rails are circling Frankfurt at night, spreading joy along with light. The globes are a great way to get into the holiday spirit. With their warm illumination and beautiful designs, world globes are inviting and radiant in any room they are displayed in. Gift the gift of geography and design with the beautiful Columbus globes on our site. Every model is available at a 10% discount for the month of December. Simply use the coupon code HOLIDAY2014 at check out to pick up one of these handcrafted, German engineered beauties for yourself. They make great gifts, and just like the globe train in Frankfurt, are sure to bring joy and warmth to whoever receives it for the holidays! Credit to Kedivekitap of Instagram for the photo.


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  • Do Not Miss Holiday Savings!

    All Globes Are On Sale Now

    159The holiday sale is upon us! Enjoy 10% off of any product on the Columbus Globes website by using the coupon code HOLIDAY2014 at check out. In addition to the sale, every order includes free shipping in the continental United States. Being the official distributor of Columbus Globes in America, we stock all of the models in our warehouse, meaning that we oversee the shipping process ourselves which helps ensure quality and quick delivery. Every product that goes out is hand inspected by our experts before getting sent. Experience the beauty of German engineering and craftsmanship with Columbus Globes. These globes are handcrafted by skilled artisans and match exemplary cartography with cutting edge design. The models look amazing in the home or office, and make excellent gifts to be family and friends. Columbus specializing in luxury world globes, with extraordinary decorative value, but there are also models that are more affordable and have considerable geographic and educational value, making them appealing to a younger person and budding student. However, with the Christmas sale now upon us, the higher end models have never been so accessible!

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