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  • Don't Miss this Perfect Mother's Day Gift

    Mother's Day is Coming Up

    mama catMother's Day is May 10th. That means that it is less than a month away to find the perfect gift to remind your Mom how much you love her. How about a great Columbus globe for the occasion? Everybody loves globes, and in our book these handmade works of art are the perfect surprise for the person who loves you most in the world. We're going to help you find the perfect globe to get your Mom for the upcoming holiday, by highlighting some of our favorite globes in the Columbus collection that she would love. We wanted to start out with one of our most lavish options, for those who really want to give their Mother's something special this year. Worry not though, there are plenty of other gift ideas on the way for those who are on more of a budget. Still, nothing says "I love you, Mom" like a Swarovski-laden illuminated desktop globe!

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  • 2 Luxurious Must-See New Swarovski Globes

    New Globes

    swaroskieditedWe are gearing up to unveil a whole line of brand new models this year at Columbus Globes. However, before we do that, we wanted to highlight the two newest globes in our collection that you may have missed, as they became available during the hectic holiday season. Last year, Columbus teamed up with the luxury jeweler Swarovski to create two unforgettable world globes. These extravagant desktop globes feature Zirconia stones on their surface that come alive with light, adding to the lavish beauty of the already extraordinary Columbus world globes. Using both the blue ocean Rothenburg and the antique ocean Vienna models as inspirations, these new globes feature the best of what both Columbus and Swarovski have to offer. Enjoy both of these globes when they are blending in with the timeless d├ęcor of your home or office, and as night falls, switch on the internal light bulb, and watch as your family and guests are mesmerized with the illuminated beauty of these unforgettable globes. Without further ado, here are the fruits of the memorable collaboration between two titans of luxury products, Columbus and Swarovski.

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