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Columbus Tuebingen Illuminated Desktop Globe 20 InchColumbus Tuebingen Illuminated Desktop Globe 20 Inch
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Columbus Tuebingen Illuminated Desktop Globe 20 Inch

Item#: Tuebingen-205181

  • Designed & Made in Germany.
  • Place Names & Cartography All in English.
  • Desktop World Globe with Stainless Steel Base and Half-Meridian.
  • Political & Physical Illuminated Sphere, 20 Inch Diameter.
  • 21"W X 20"D X 24"H; Weight: 12 lbs.

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List Price: $714.00

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The handsome style and exquisite geography of the Columbus Tuebingen Illuminated Desktop Globe 20 Inch makes it a must have model! The 20 inch blue ocean globe stands 24 inches tall atop the stainless steel base. A narrow, minimally styled semi-meridian frames the desktop globe at a 23.5 degree angle, reminiscent of the earth's tilt. The sharp design of the Tuebingen lets the Columbus globe's superb cartography shine.

The world globe showcases the German manufacturer's signature DUO map. The DUO is a political map when lit that takes on some qualities of a physical one when the globe's internal light becomes illuminated. When the globe is dark, the political map is displayed, which sets the pastel patchwork of countries against the blue ocean backdrop. However, when the desktop globe comes alight, the earth's physical attribute become faintly visible on the model's exterior.

The map was placed on the acrylic sphere by hand. Columbus' experienced artisans manually cut the map, and then applied it to the desktop globe one piece at a time. The handmade quality of the illuminated globe ensures each model's singular artistic value. Bring the extraordinary Columbus Tuebingen Illuminated Desktop Globe 20 Inch into the home or office! Overflowing with geographical detail, the world globe is an unforgettable decorative flourish that will last a lifetime.

  1. Informative Work of Art review by Clio on 9/10/2015
    Product's Overall Rating

    The Tuebingen is a stunningly beautiful artwork. I expected quality, but this globe far surpasses my expectations. The gloss finish on the globe is perfect and striking, the cartography vivid, English place labels marked clearly and artfully, the relief (land and ocean) surprisingly realistic. When illuminated, not only is the physical map emphasized, but the globe from a distance appears like the earth seen from space! Even the stand is beautifully machined and finished. My 12-year-old son is captivated with this globe and so are we. It invites and rewards exploration.

  2. Excellent Globe review by Peter on 6/1/2014
    Product's Overall Rating

    The Columbus "Tuebingen" globe arrived yesterday. It is certainly an excellent piece of work and will be a valued and useful reference for many, many years!

    Thank you for your attention and perseverance!

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