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Desktop Globes

Columbus illuminated desktop globe collection has models in 13 inch and 16 inch diameters. Whether you are in the market for a world globe in a traditional style or one to fit a more modern sensibility, there are plenty of options available for any decor. Both acrylic spheres and hand-blown glass globes are included in the desktop globes collection. Ideal for tabletops surfaces, these illuminated globes are treasured additions to the home, office or school.

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Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Buying Desktop Globes

Where will it go? 
When beginning the process of finding the right desktop globe for you, try to imagine where it will sit in your home, classroom or office. A tabletop globe is, after all, a piece of furniture along with an being an informative geographic tool. Keeping in mind the room in which the world globe will be displayed in will help you make decisions of what style of world globe is appropriate. While a desktop globe should blend in with the room’s decor, their magnetic appeal remains captivating, so let the model stand out. What kind of surface the tabletop globe is meant for, along with the colors of the room, will also help you decide which material, style and color would be appropriate for the desk globe.


How big should it be? 
The size of your desktop globe definitely depends on the surface it is going to be sitting on. Will your tabletop globe be sitting on a coffee table, a bookshelf, a nightstand, desk or some other flat surface? Is there a height restriction? The size of the table and the amount of other things it will be sharing with a space will help determine what is the right size for you. If size is no barrier, go with the biggest globe that fits your budget. For one, a larger globe means it has place names are easier to read, the cartography is easier to enjoy and there are more locations for perusal.


What kind of map do you like? 
Columbus offers many different map options for the desktop globes. The DUO map showcases a blue ocean map and political geography when the tabletop globe is not illuminated. The DUORAMA map also has blue ocean geography but features a physical map when not lit. Both take on attributes of the  other map when the world globe comes alight. The ROYAL map style has parchment-hued beige ocean design that recalls maps of yesteryear. There is also the white ocean DUO ALBA map that transforms into a rich blue color when illuminated. Lastly there is the antique style IMPERIAL map. Deciding on which ocean color and map type for your desktop globe its environment is a key decision in narrowing down the options.


What kind of stand do you prefer? 
The stand and meridian of a desktop globes is an important variable in the stand’s overall design. The more minimal, metal bases are typically indicative of a tabletop globe that would look great in a room with modern decorative style. Bases that include some wood are typically more appropriate for a room with a more traditional flavor, but still, depending on the table that the world globe is displayed on and surrounding colors and items, these desktop globes can go well in a variety of settings. As long as you keep the big picture in mind of the surrounding items, materials and colors in the room, it should help direct you to the perfect globe.