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Floor Globes

Columbus' floor globe collection contains the best decorative world globes the German manufacturer has to offer. From the luxurious Osnabruck to the colossal Magnum line, the floor globes are finest models in production worldwide. Whether you like world globes for traditional decor or enjoy contemporary styles, the collection includes a diverity of products to suit your needs. Experience the beautyof the top world globe manufacturer on the planet the way it demands to be: as an epic floor model.

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Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Buying Floor Globes

Where will it go?
 It is good to have an idea of the destination of the floor globe in mind before buying one. Think about which room in the home, classroom, library or office it will likely go, or if it is a gift, try to think about your friend or loved one’s home in which it will likely stand. It is important to take into consideration the decor of the room when deciding on which floor globe to choose. If the room decor is more on the modern side, perhaps consider the globes with the sleek, minimal metal stands and the blue ocean style. If your room sports a more classic, traditional decor, look at the globes with wooden bases or antique ocean maps. Whichever route you go, it is important to keep the big picture in mind, and consider the space the item is intended for when shopping for floor globes.


How big should it be? Think about what size of the globe and stand combined that fit best in its destination room. Our floor globe collection contains spheres that are 16” in diameter all the way up to 40”. Similarly, take the height of the floor globe on its stand into consideration. Will this be a world globe that you would like to be able to peruse while standing? Some floor globes work great next to couches or armchairs, where people can sit and inspect the world globe. With world globes, generally speaking, bigger is better. The bigger the globe, the easier the cartography is to investigate and the more place names the map contains. The biggest globe that can look good in the room and that budget allows is the way to go here.


What kind of map do you like? Columbus offers four different map types for their floor globes. The DUO map features a blue ocean and political geography when the world globe is not lit. The DUORAMA map also has a blue ocean but showcases a physical map when not illuminated. The ROYAL map style features a parchment-colored beige ocean style that is reminiscent of classic maps. Finally there is the white ocean DUO ALBA map that takes on a rich blue hue with light. Deciding which map color for the world globe best suits your tastes and the decor of your room is a crucial consideration for choosing your next floor globe.


What kind of stand do you prefer? The style of the stand goes a long way in determining the overall impression a world globe leaves. The more minimal and metallic stands are more suited for contemporary decor. However, stands on world globes that feature wood can lend the floor globe to a more traditional, classic decor. For those who want something in between, perhaps consider the floor globes that mix metal with wood. However, matter which style you choose, your Columbus world globe is destined to keep its luxurious look throughout the years.