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Frequently Asked Questions


Are your world globes in English? The photos look like they are in German.

Yes, all of our world globes are in English. The reason the pictures are in German is because they are the stock photos that the manufacturer sends us.

Are glass globes more fragile than acrylic globes?

For the most part, yes. If you have young kids and or rowdy pets, you might want to consider an acrylic world globe. Still, many glass world globes are sufficiently protected.

Can you make an illuminated globe non-illuminated? I don't want the electric cord.

We can cut the cord but it would permanently render the world globe non-illuminated.

Your website says that all products are eligible for free shipping but it is trying to charge me for shipping at checkout. Why?

Free shipping only applies to locations within the contiguous United States. That is to say, all shipments to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and the rest of the world are not eligible for free shipping.

Do you ship to my international location?

Yes. We ship all over the world.

Do your maps show the American states?

Some do some don't. The Explorer globes and Renaissance globes differentiate the American states.

Can your world globe use LED lights?

Yes. Any light as long as it fits into the world globe socket should work fine. However, some of the higher wattage incandescent bulbs may run too hot for the model. If you have a question about a particular wattage and model, contact us here.

The map isn't changing when I turn on the light--what's the problem?

LED lights are less luminous than incandescent lights. Change your light bulb to an incandescent light and the second map should become more apparent with illumination.

Why does the world globe sit at an angle?

The world globes sit a 23.5 angle to mimic earth's own tilt on its axis.

Can the world globe rotate side to side?


Can the world globe rotate vertically?

Some do but most can't. If a product description says that a world globe is gimbal-mounted, that means it can be rotated vertically. However, no spheres can rotate vertically a full 180 or 360 degrees because it would tangle the cord and electronics of the illuminated globe.

How are world globes measured?

The measurement included in the title is the world globe's diameter. That is distance from one axis of a world globe to the other.

Why do some world globes have a blue ocean and others a beige ocean?

It's just a different design. Pick whichever looks better to you.

Are your antique ocean globes current?

Yes, all of the geography on our world globes is completely up to date.

Are your world globes up to date?

Yes, all of the geography on our world globes is completely up to date.

What is the difference between a political and a physical world globe?

A political map emphasizes the boundaries of countries. A physical map shows the natural colors of the world globe as seen from space.

What is the dial at the North Pole?

It is called a time dial. It is used to tell time zones.

What is a meridian?

The meridian is the semi-circular or circular frame holding the world globe.

Can I push pins in my world globe?

No. Neither the acrylic or glass world globes can take push pins.

What is my old globe worth?

We're not sure. Your best bet is to do research on internet.

How old is my globe?

See our chart here.

Can you put a new globe on my old globe's stand?

Unfortunately not.

Other questions?

Contact us here.