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Large Floor Globes

The Magnum globes are the largest world globes in commercial production. From 26 inches in diameter to 40 inches, these mammoth floor globes exhibit the illuminated majesty of Columbus' historic style. With over 100 years of globe manufacturing under our belt, the undeniable style and exacting cartography that Columbus has cultivated over time comes together in these enormous masterworks. For your upscale home, corporate offices or for public display in a museum or library, these impressive world globes leave a strong impression no matter where they are displayed, and will maintain their glory for a lifetime to come.
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Uses for Magnum Globes
The extraordinary Magnum world globes are as beautiful as they are colossal. However, due to their impressive size and price, they work better in some situations than others. The Munich globes are very appropriate additions to the home, but the four large Magnum globes, while they could work in a large house, they would require a very big room with a lot of space to look natural, with their exceptional spheres. These giant world globes are best suited for public spaces, with plenty of room and traffic to enjoy the enormous delights they provide. Perfectly suited for institutions like schools, libraries, public buildings and museums, which have frequently enjoyed these illuminated globes in their space, we have also sold many of these floor globes to corporations, who use this as a decorative piece in an atrium or waiting room for clients and employees alike to enjoy.


Different Designs for Magnum Globes
There are two main base designs for the Magnum world globes. The Munich globes feature an innovative, contemporary styled and minimal metal stand. On the circular base, a arm protrudes diagonally holding the world globe in this innovative design that forgoes a standard meridian. The Magnum models do have a meridian that is supported on a daring wishbone shaped base. All models are illuminated, but come with either a political and physical map, which is an important consideration when deciding which world globe to go for. When deciding which map to purchase, there are a few considerations to ponder. One, what is the decor of the room it will reside in? The physical map features a more unconventional, darker colored map. Also, consider the audience of people who will interact with the map. For artistic audiences, the physical map might be more appealing, while perhaps a more informed, intellectual audience will appreciate the geographically rich political globes.


Exceptional Craft of Columbus Globes
The Magnum world globes are a luxurious piece of furniture and a sizable investment. Rest assured that these beauties are the absolute top of the line and are built to last. Columbus is a family-owned company that has been around for over 100 years, making it the oldest globe manufacturer in the world. Also, all of these Magnum floor globes are assembled and made at Columbus' factory in Germany by trained craftspeople. The company remains one of the few companies around that still incorporates traditional, hand-made techniques into the globe manufacturing process. All of the Magnum and Munich floor globes feature maps that were hand applied to the spheres in a painstaking artisinal process. Germany engineering is world famous and Columbus attests to the reasons why. The sleek style and ingenious design of these exceptional floor globes ensure that they are bound to last a lifetime--not only will they keep their beauty as trends come and go, but the top tier craftsmanship means that they will also maintain their functionality. While these world globes are not cheap, you can be sure that you are ordering a product that was lovingly put together by Columbus, which has honed its artisinal manufacturing technique for over a century.