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Gift Buying Guide

How to Find the Perfect Gift

Columbus globes make great gifts. Not only are world globes typically unexpected for holidays or birthdays, but they are also universally loved by people of all ages and backgrounds--who doesn't like a world globe? There are a couple variables to consider when choosing the right world globe for a friend or loved one. To help you find the perfect item for the gift recipient, consider the following things when making your choice. If you need additional help finding the perfect world globe for a holiday, birthday, anniversary, retirement or for some other occasion, feel free to contact our expert staff here.



The location may be hard to determine as it is a gift, but if possible, try to think about where this world globe might be placed. For example, if you are thinking about a floor globe, it is pretty important to have in mind what kind of space they have available for a large item. Similarly, with a desktop globe, it is best to consider what kind of tabletop space might be available for this item. If you have some idea of the colors and design of the rooms the world globe could end up in, it will help in finding the right style. Typically, blue ocean world with metal bases fit best in contemporary styled rooms, and the antique ocean maps, along with items with wooden stands, work best with traditional spaces. Still, if you do not have a good idea of what the gift recipient's home, classroom or office looks like, it is still possible to choose an appropriate world globe based on what you know about the person's likes and dislikes.




The age of the recipient is an important variable to consider. If you are going to give the world globe to a young child, consider the Voyage or Expedition globe. If you would prefer a world globe for someone a few years older, or perhaps a model that a child can grow into, look at the Explorer or Renaissance globe. For older students in high school or college, the Jena or Student Marco Polo globes are great ideas. For an adult, there are a lot of options available--most of our desktop and floor globes are possibilities. Some good choices to consider are the Hannover Duo, Ravensburg or Weimar. If you are giving this item to a senior, consider larger informational world globes so that the text is easier to read. A good world globe is the Dresden, which comes with a magnifying glass.



Do you want a decorative world globe? If so, unusual globe designs, antique styles or models with physical maps are good ones to consider, like the Hamburg. Or do you need a geographic reference tool? If that's the case, a political map is going is the cartography for you, like the Kiel. Do you want a world globe that excels at both? Check out the Vienna world globe. Is this world globe going to be used at night? If so, an illuminated world globe is the way to go. However, if the model is headed for a classroom, office or library for example, you may not need a lit world globe.


 Blue Ocean World Globe


While much of our collection can be enjoyed by both genders, there are a few models that are popular with women. Some popular item is the Vienna with Swarovski, with its old fashioned map and sparkling Zirconia. Others are the Bremen Duo Alba model, which features a grey ocean map that turns a sumptuous blue hue when illuminated. Our extraordinary floor globe, the Osnabruck, is also a guaranteed crowd pleaser.


 Illuminated World Globe Blue


There are many handsome world globes that will appeal to the men in your life. The Freiburg is a stylish desktop world globe that showcases a physical map and dark brown wood base. The Hannover floor globe blends a traditional map with a contemporary styled stainless steel base. For the home, office or library, the timeless Zurich world globe is a model with timeless flavor that is bound to be a hit.


Illuminated World Globe Antique