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Why Buy Columbus Globes?

The Unbelievable 100 Year History of Columbus Globes

Kevin Allen, the now-retired manager of cartographic production for National Geographic Maps, once referred to Columbus' as "The best globes we`ve ever known!" Due to the company's long history, this proclamation from one of the most important figures in the world's highest regarded cartographic society came as no surprise due to the world globe maker's storied history. Columbus globes was founded over 100 years ago by Paul Oestergaard in 1909, and the German company has stayed in the family for four generations, all the while preserving its reputation as the industry's premier world globe manufacturer. That makes it the longest running globe maker in the world. Furthermore throughout their entire history, Columbus has never built a world globe outside of their home country of Germany. The models were originally assembled in Berlin, but the company's manufacturing plant has since moved to the smaller town of Krauchenwies. While many other world globes on the market are cheaply produced in China or elsewhere, you know when you buy a Columbus world globe that it will feature top notch German manufacturing and local production.

Artisanal Construction

Columbus remains the only company in the world that still employs craftspeople to make hand-blown glass globes. Making large glass globes in the traditional way takes high expertise that only comes after years of training. Additionally, the German manufacturer trains highly skilled artisans to manually cut and hand-apply the highly detailed maps to the world globes in another labor intensive procedure. The maps undergo up to 24 layers of printing to achieve the brilliant colors and cartography Columbus is known for. Then a clear coat of high gloss is applied to the sphere, lending it a radiant sheen. After final inspection by the cartography department, the illuminated world globe is ready for retail. When it comes to world globes, nothing surpasses the quality German engineering and sophisticated artistry of Columbus. Every world globe Columbus makes is a work of art that will be treasured for a lifetime to come.



Bold Innovation

Columbus has maintained its sterling legacy through impeccable hand-crafted products, along with constant innovation in the industry. Among the many advancements Columbus has contributed to the field is the invention of the DUO and DUORAMA technology, which displays two different maps depending on whether the world globe is illuminated or not. In 2000, Columbus crafted the first ever floating world globe. With their brand new Ting audio pen, the company integrated digital content with the geographical tool. They also recently launched the first ever smartphone app used in conjunction with a world globe. Additionally, Columbus pioneered the construction of plastic world globes through a mostly-automated manufacturing process. The family-owned company's combination of forward thinking technology with traditional manufacturing processes is what gives them their unique sensibility.

About ColumbusGlobes.com

ColumbusGlobes.com is the exclusive importer and distributor of these beautiful models in the United States. We enjoy an incredibly close relationship with the German manufacturer, allowing us to offer limited edition models from their line and to answer any questions you may have about the world globes. Our staff frequently travels to Krauchenwies to meet with Columbus, tour their facilities and collaborate on upcoming models. We are proud to bring Columbus' storied legacy to the United States. These hand crafted products are the top of the line when it comes to world globes. The luxurious and extraordinary quality of each model is readily apparent. We stand behind these incredible works of art, and feel privileged to be able to offer the world globes to discerning customers.