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Columbus Stuttgart Illuminated Glass Desktop Globe 16 InchColumbus Stuttgart Illuminated Glass Desktop Globe 16 Inch
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  • Columbus Stuttgart Illuminated Glass Desktop Globe 16 Inch
  • Columbus Stuttgart Illuminated Glass Desktop Globe 16 Inch

Columbus Stuttgart Illuminated Glass Desktop Globe 16 Inch

Item#: Stuttgart-214083

  • Designed & Made In Germany.
  • Place Names & Cartography All in English.
  • Desktop World Globe with Stainless Steel Base and Half-Meridian.
  • Physical & Political Illuminated Glass Sphere, 16 Inch Diameter.
  • 17"W x 16"D x 20"H; Weight: 13.2 Lbs.

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List Price: $819.00

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Savor the extraordinary style of the Columbus Stuttgart Illuminated Glass Desktop Globe 16 Inch. The sizable 16 inch glass sphere is cradled by the brushed stainless steel base and half-meridian. The tubular meridian holds the desktop globe at a 23.5 degree angle and features a time dial at its northern apex. The sturdy base is a tasteful complement to the elegance of the world globe itself.

The Stuttgart is a prime example of Columbus' one of a kind DUORAMA technology. When the model is not illuminated, a detailed physical map spans its surface. The naturalistic colors of the landmasses are offset by the complex blue ocean hue, which showcases the various depths of the underwater floor. With the flip of the desktop globe's light switch, some qualities of a political map emerge on the continents. The different colors Columbus globe light up the room brilliantly.

The large, 16 inch glass globe was hand blown by skilled artisans, enabling its rich illumination and clear cartography to be aptly showcased. Columbus remains the only manufacturer that still makes glass world globes in this fashion. The map was also hand cut and manually applied to the sphere by skilled craftspeople, in what is a highly labor intensive artisanal process. The Columbus Stuttgart Illuminated Glass Desktop Globe 16 Inch is a testament to the artistic craftsmanship that has come to define the German manufacturer, which has been around for over a century. This artistic beauty belongs in your home or office!

  1. Columbus Stuttgart Illuminated Glass Desktop Globe review by Worldly on 12/28/2017
    Product's Overall Rating

    We just received our Columbus Stuttgart Illuminated Glass Desktop Globe
    Removing from the box we were delighted with the construction and graphics – beautiful.
    However, after illuminating we found a couple of extremely annoying quirks with the globe:
    One is the dark meridian lines – the darken lines are a total distraction from viewing and we don’t understand why the lines were not toned down or screened – they don’t need that much emphasis. It is a real shame and can’t believe the makers of this globe – with all the years of globe making would do this to such a beautiful glass globe. The lines really to distract from viewing the globe graphics
    Second the globe mass is not center weighted to the globe axis, you’ll need to fabricate a wedge to keep the globe from spinning when you want to view a particular region of the globe.
    Hopefully the above critique helps.
    The above quirks are very disappointing and we almost came to the point of returning the globe – even as beautiful as it is.
    We however decided to keep the globe – if we can’t get use to the quirks we can always give it away as a gift.

  2. Glass Globe review by Naomi on 9/19/2012
    Product's Overall Rating

    I was trying to find the right globe for my home and after some research I found that Columbus is the only company that still hand makes glass globes. I chose the Stuttgart because I like the physical map. It's a gorgeous globe, very satisfied.

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